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Best friends / sisters sitting on couch to watch movie while one is busy on phone
Two young Indian girls checking phones and hugging each other after finding out good news
House relocation - Close-up shot of Indian man taking out books / novels from carton box
An attractive young Indian woman helps her husband to wear the blazer for the office - Office formal wear
A tired handsome Indian man come back home and sit on the sofa - Corporate life, Digital Life, Hectic Schedule, No time for kids and Family
Shot of attractive Indian friends speaking to each other at home
Shot of two beautiful Indian girlfriends talking and laughing at home
Happy Indian Family - Young sisters / siblings sitting on the sofa and spending good time with each other
Beautiful Indian girl making fun of her sad friend / sister at home
Attractive Indian girl talking to her sad teenage sister at home
An Indian girl is getting ready for her wedding
Hindu rituals performed at Indian wedding
Groom offering prayers in a pooja ceremony during his wedding
Performing gathbandhan wedding ritual which signifies togetherness of bride and groom
Young beautiful girls counting the new year countdown and hugging each other
Attractive Indian girl sitting on floor applying nail paint to her friend
Shot of an old Indian woman having back pain
Shot of an Indian old man with eye sight issues finding it difficult to read the document
An old Indian man wearing a blue shirt writing notes at home
Senior man signing a legal document with a pen
Shot of a retired Indian man reading a book sitting on a rocking chair
Shot of old Indian grandmother knitting woolen clothes
Footage of a old woman sleeping on bed, husband puts a blanket on her and turns off the light
Indian woman making roti in chulah / mud firewood for her family
Stock footage of Indian wedding ritual
Traditional Indian couple sitting together during their wedding ceremony
Indian wedding ritual - Bride and Groom holding each others hand
Beautiful traditional Indian bride getting ready for her wedding