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A south Indian mother in a traditional Saree putting a Gajra on her daughter's hair - festive feel, parenting, care and love
A middle-aged lady putting a small red Bindi on her forehead looking into a mirror - South Indian in traditional dress
A young boy from South India drinking tender coconut water - summertime, nutritious food
A beautiful little girl from South India drinking tender coconut water - a refreshing drink, organic food
A happy Indian brother-sister drinking tender coconut - summertime, a refreshing drink, traditional South Indian dress
A happy South Indian couple in ethnic wear drinking tender coconut water with a straw - refreshing drink, natural
A happy Indian couple and their young kids drinking tender coconut water - a refreshing drink, summertime, South Indian nuclear family
Young south Indian siblings reading a book together with their mother - a small nuclear family, parenting, story time
An attractive South Indian couple and their young kids taking a selfie together - a modern lifestyle, photogenic
A happy Indian husband-wife in ethnic wear using a smartphone - surprised by kids, South Indian family, traditional dress
A handsome guy putting a beautiful Gajra on his wife's hair - festive feel, romantic couple, South Indian couple, South India, Indian diversity
A loving Indian couple spending their free time together at home - family bonding, couple bonding, romantic couple, South India
An attractive middle-aged South Indian couple - quality time, relationship and bonding, young couple, South India
A young attractive man putting a Gajra on his wife's beautiful hair - festive feel, traditional wear, South India
A happy South Indian couple with their two young kids - family bonding, nuclear family, traditional dress, South India
An attractive young couple and their sweet daughter making a video call at home - modern technology, internet connection
A charming young man and his pretty wife doing online shopping together - e-commerce, new offers, a festive season
A young man and his pretty wife scrolling / browsing on a tablet - online shopping, a digital device
A beautiful Indian housewife in casual clothes opens her gift box - birthday gift, party gift, diwali gift
A young man doing work from home due to an outbreak of Coronavirus in India - a remote job, hybrid work, new age office
Handsome Indian man listening to music using his wireless earphones - fun and entertainment, song playlist
A sweet little girl reading a storybook while sitting on her father's lap - happy parenting, an interesting book
A smiling Indian father-daughter having fun while playing hand clap games - a childhood game, a fun activity
A sweet little girl resting on her father's back - closeness, a piggyback ride, parenting, child care, girl care
An Indian couple wearing a colorful hat celebrating their daughter's birthday -birthday party
A beautiful Indian housewife feeding a tasty cake to her husband - birthday cake, party time, promotion party
A cheerful Indian lady wearing a colorful hat cutting and blowing a candle on a cake - a birthday celebration, party time
An Indian couple eating pizza and cold drinks - birthday celebrations, fast food, junk food, celebration, live in relation