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Young female athlete energetically jogging at one place in her fitness studio
Closeup shot of a sporty Indian girl's feet skipping rope in the gym or at home
Medium shot of an attractive young female smiling against the white background
Portrait shot of a young female athlete smiling while looking towards the camera
Closeup shot of a young woman's legs jogging barefoot in the place at home
An elderly woman and young lady knitting woolen clothes outdoors - hobby concept
A young male athlete using a cross cable training machine at a fitness gym
Young fitness freak working out on chest fly machine in a gym - lifestyle concept
Young passionate bodybuilder doing one arm side lateral raises using a dumbbell
Indian male athlete performing shoulder training exercise while lifting weights
Handsome Indian guy getting a trendy haircut by a hairstylist in a unisex salon
Closeup shot of male barber's hands washing his client's hair in a barbershop
Professional female hairdresser doing curls in her client's hair - hairstyle concept
Professional hairdresser's hands giving a head massage to the male customer
Barber's hands wiping the handsome client's face with a towel at a unisex salon
Backview shot of a male hipster getting a trendy hairstyle done by a hairstylist
Hands of a laborer making ventilated bricks made of cement using a float hand tool
Indian worker mixing cement and water in an iron head pan using a trowel
Indian worker making the concrete surface smooth using a float hand tool
Hands of an Indian worker mixing cement and sand with the help of a hoe
Middle-aged woman knitting woolen clothes using orange yarn and crochet hook
Closeup of woman hands knitting a woolen sweater from the knitting yarn - home hobby
Closeup shot of an elderly woman making knitwears using a pink colored yarn
An elderly Indian lady knitting woolen clothes with the help of a crochet hook
Old Indian lady knitting a pink scarf using a thin woolen thread and crochet hook
An elderly Indian lady in glass spectacles knitting with the help of a crochet hook
Closeup shot of an Indian old woman knitting woolen clothes using blue wool
Happy Indian farmer and his small family playing with freshwater near a tubewell