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Shot of an Indian potter making cement planter (Gamla)
Shot of a hairdresser spraying water before the haircut
Shot of a young boy / man enjoying hair spa treatment in a salon
Hairdresser is cleaning young man's neck with the brush after haircut
Happy Indian Family - Cute Indian girl and young mom enjoying each others company
Slow motion shot of cute girl drops popcorn while feeding her mother
Indian mom and daughter interacting with each other on a couch - Birthday Fun
Laughing mom and daughter having fun together
Pretty girl and mom having birthday fun together on a couch at home
Indian mother surprise her son with a clown wig
Cute little girl blowing purple balloon with white dots
Adorable girl blowing balloon at a birthday party
Amusing cute young girl blowing in party whistle and laughing
Happy little girls having fun by bursting balloon at a birthday party
Adorable kids blowing blow out whistle at each other at a birthday party
Cute young kid making a video call using smartphone
Cute Indian girl blowing blow out whistle at a birthday party
Little boy playing with colorful building blocks in a serious mood
Excited little girl playing with smiley balls
Portrait of smiling little girl holding birthday gift
Cute birthday boy having fun in a birthday party blowing colorful confetti
Adorable girl blowing colorful confetti at a birthday party
Innocent little boy playing with blocks and toy car
Happy little boy dancing under falling confetti at a birthday party
Calm and beautiful little girl coloring a sketch lying on the floor
Kids coloring on a sheet of paper with crayons while sitting on the floor
Cute little Indian boy watching a cartoon on the smartphone in his dark bed room
Happy little girl in white dress eating potato smiley fries at a birthday party