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A smartly dressed man and a woman making a video call during the home renovation - home repair
A cheerful Indian couple clicking a selfie together in their new rented apartment - moving to new house
A smart young couple unpacks a cardboard box after moving in - relocation, tenants, shifting to new house, rented house
A happy couple plans to renovate their house - using tablet, repair and maintenance, moving in, new house
An Indian couple looking at colour shade card for home painting - color palette, home decoration, color catalogue
Young roommates eating delicious sandwiches while taking a break from the home renovation - hungry couple sitting on floor
A handsome and young Asian couple painting their living room wall - home care, moving to new house, buying first house
A young man wearing a pair of yellow gloves painting his house wall - roller brush paint, painter, home renovation, coloring of walls
A young Indian woman wearing a pair of gloves painting house wall using roller brush - house relocation, moving to new house
A young Indian boy wearing a pair of yellow gloves painting house walls - roller brush, home renovation, home repair, relaxing
A beautiful Indian woman instructing her boyfriend to paint home wall - home improvement
A handsome man and a pretty female paint blue color on the walls of a room - liquid paint, colorful
A smart young man and woman in casual clothes paint blue on the walls of a room - house painting, wall painting
A young man and woman wearing gloves painting on the wall with rollers - protective gear, messy, dirty, moving to new house
An Asian couple painting walls of their home - woman pouring blue paint, liquid paint, paint bucket, odor-free paint, no-odor paint
A young man and a girl finalizing a color scheme for the wall of their house - shade card
A young Indian couple checking colour shade card - home painting, home renovation, color palette, painting home
Closeup shot of a man painting Tiranga on his face with a wide smile - cricket fan, India fan, sports fan
A young Indian man wearing a cricket jersey - watching a cricket match on TV, young cricket fan
Indian man and a woman watching a live cricket match at home - Cricket Cup match, 1-day match, Tense expression, T20 series
Indian couple watching a live cricket match on television - praying for team victory in tense moments, cricket fans, India losing
Closeup shot of a young Indian woman celebrating the Indian cricket team's victory - watching a live cricket sports match on TV
Two young brothers checking the live cricket score - placing online bets, Indian cricket teams, sports app, online gaming addiction
Friends in Indian jerseys sitting on the couch and watching a live cricket match on TV/ television - cricket fever, World Cup 2023
Young Indian friends enjoying the thrill of a cricket match on a tv - Cricket Cup 2023, watching a live match
Indian cricket fans sitting on a couch and watching a live cricket match on TV
A beautiful lady in traditional attire stepping through flower curtains, smiling at the camera - Diwali decoration, festive vibe
Beautiful Indian female smiling with burning Diyas on the festival of Diwali - decorative rangoli background, Navratri, Durga puja