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Overweight female taking a handful of popcorn and eating in front of the TV at home - Sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle
Indian overweight woman sitting on a couch and thinking - loneliness concept
Overweight Indian woman taking handfull of chips and eating in front of a television - Junk food concept
Chubby Indian woman spending her bored and leisure time in watching television and eating popcorn
Overweight Indian woman relaxing on a couch after eating - Unhealthy lifestyle
Young village couple getting information about health insurance policy from an agent
Indian woman suffering from a very strong headache - Sick. Medical issues. Troubled expression
Indian cute girl suffering from fever and being taken care of by her lovely mother - Sick and Ill
Sick little child girl lying, mother checking fever with thermometer - illness, sickness concept
Pan shot of pills lying on table with Indian currency notes
A heap of mixed medicine pills kept on a table with Indian currency (Rupee)
Shot of medicine pills falling on Indian currency (Rupee) kept on a table