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Indian female making notes of her online education wearing a medical mask
A young beautiful girl putting on a medical mask - Coronavirus protection
Sick girl laying down on a sofa while mother putting a cool fever gel on the forehead
Caring mother feeling relaxed after checking her teenage girl's body temperature
Mother checking the temperature of her sick daughter with hands and thermometer
A caring mother giving medicines to her teenage child suffering from viral fever
A girl suffering from seasonal cold / flu sitting with her caring mother on the sofa
Mother taking doctors advice on mobile while caring for her sick daughter
Young female cancer patient with her teen daughter at home making a video call
Mother and daughter talking on speakerphone to their distant relatives
Indian teenager giving medicines to her mother suffering from cancer
Lovely daughter taking care of her sick mother after chemotherapy sessions
Young Indian daughter hugging her sick mother lovingly - love and care
A young Indian girl gifts beautiful flowers to her mother suffering from cancer
A cancer patient with covered head consoling her daughter at home
Female cancer patient after her chemotherapy spending some time with family
Sick Indian woman with her head covered with a scarf not feeling well at her home
Gloved hands spraying medicine from an asthma inhaler - asthmatic protection concept
Fizzy bubbles in a pure glass of water with medicinal things - protection from disease
Asthma inhaler with a sack of tablets and other medical things - healthcare concept
Natural organic green herb medicine / essential oil falling from green leaf
Gloved hands spraying sanitizer / disinfectant - protection against COVID-19
Earth globe with a white cotton bandage - Coronavirus spread around the world
Globe wears a medical mask - world Coronavirus pandemic / COVID-19 protection
A thermometer is being kept with other medical items - COVID-19 protection medication
Slow focus of gloved hand pushing a shopping cart filled with a sack full of pills
Asthma medication concept - Liquid medicine falling out of a medical injection
A syringe filled with liquid medicine falling out - healthcare and medicine concept