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Moving shot - Beautiful expecting female suffering from backache during pregnancy
Indian pregnant woman suffering from severe back pain - pregnancy sickness
Happy husband taking care of her beautiful pregnant wife while she is sleeping
Beautiful pregnant woman feeling restless and uneasy while sleeping in her bed
Beautiful pregnant woman touching her belly while sleeping in bed - lifestyle concept
Caring husband gives medicine to his pregnant wife suffering from a headache
A beautiful pregnant lady suffering from a severe headache - sickness concept
Handsome man and his beautiful pregnant wife spending quality time together
Hands of a doctor shaking hands with her female patient in his dental clinic
Beautiful Indian girl consulting her dental problems with her dentist at the clinic
Closeup shot of a male client showing his teeth after whitening - toothy smile
Portrait of a male patient looking at the camera and giving a white toothy smile
Closeup shot of orthodontist examines the patient's teeth using the dental tools
The young patient opens his mouth for a dental examination at a clinic in India
Indian female model playing with her long black tresses - hair and beauty concept
Portrait of a pretty Indian girl tossing her long hair and posing towards the camera
Closeup shot of a beautiful Indian girl with no makeup caring for her facial skin - Skin Care
Young girl massaging little amount of cream gently on her face - beauty concept
Closeup of a young woman applying hand moisturizing lotion - skincare concept
Tilt shot of a young female applying body lotion on her hands - healthy skin concept
Beautiful Indian female applying moisturizer on her hands - Skincare concept
Back view of a young female applying cream on her shoulder - skincare concept
Side view of a young woman applying moisturizer on her elbow - skincare concept
Beautiful Indian girl suffering from severe neck pain - health and medical concept
Closeup of a hand dropping banknotes and coins in a container with a medical label
Pan shot - Woman hands counting 500 rupees banknotes to pay for medical insurance
Closeup shot of a blank Medical loan application form - personal loan concept
Young medical professional holding a stethoscope while wearing a doctor's coat