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Health and Medical Indian Stock Images and Video At Knot9

Pretty Indian girl trying to hear something on the green screen - hearing loss, isolated, deaf, human senses
Beautiful young woman flaunting her glowing skin after a refreshing facial at a salon - beauty, flawless skin, skin care, skin product ad
Grey-haired Indian female suffering with severe cough and chest pain - seasonal infection, weak lungs, pneumonia
Grey-haired Indian lady suffering extreme stomach pain - upset stomach, digestive issue, abdominal pain, village home
Grey-haired Indian woman suffering from severe joint pain - knee pain, knee injury, grand mother, swollen joint
Grey-haired Indian man coughing badly - lungs infection, weak lungs, asthma, flu infection, seasonal infection
Grey-haired Indian man suffering from severe joint pain - knee pain, knee injury, village life, old age farmer
Beautiful female doctor discharging an old man from village hospital - wellness concept, physician, rural health care
Female doctor explaining the medical reports of an old man - full body checkup, doctor's advice
Female Indian doctor monitoring the heart beat of an old villager - wellness, rural healthcare, government hospital doctor, panchayat hospital
Grey-haired Indian mother giving blessings to her daughter for becoming a doctor - rural lifestyle, proud mother
Female doctor explaining the latest medical reports of an old lady - full body checkup, doctor's advice
Beautiful Indian lady doctor examining an old woman in village - nurse, government hospital doctor, ilaaj
Beautiful Indian lady doctor chatting happily with her parents - proud parents, wellness concept, senior doctor
Female masseuse massaging the legs of a client in a relaxed and calm atmosphere - spa center, healthy body and skin, self-love care
Close-up shot of a woman getting relaxing deep tissue calves muscle massage - spa treatment, foot massage
Leg massage in an Ayurvedic massage center - calf muscle, wellness center, aromatherapy, ayurvedic therapy, bokeh, dry massage
Shot of applying facial pack - woman enjoying facial treatment, clay mask, beauty clinic
A beautician puts cotton pads on a woman's eyes before a facial treatment procedure - Cosmetology treatment, anti-aging treatment
A cosmetologist applies a cosmetic mask to a woman's face in a beauty spa - cosmetology, facial pack
An Indian woman getting a face massage in a beauty salon to relax - massage therapy for stress relief, skincare, panchkarma
Young Indian woman gets face massage in spa salon - healthy lifestyle and body care concept
A young Asian woman receiving a body massage in a spa center - spa treatments, relaxing neck massage
A beautician wipes a woman's face after a cosmetic procedure - face treatment, skincare, spa treatment, lasik treatment preparation
Close-up shot of a young Indian woman consulting with the cosmetologist - anti-aging treatment, self-care, facial care
Closeup shot of a cosmetologist consulting an Indian woman client at her clinic - anti-aging, skin care, skin scar, smooth skin
Closeup up of a cosmetologist checking patients skin for cosmetic skin procedure - skin treatment, glowing skin
An Indian man choosing between healthy food and fast food snacks - Diet or healthy lifestyle concept, food choices