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Closeup shot of a nurse injecting medicine from a syringe into a saline bottle - intravenous drip, iv drip bottle
Sick old man coughing in the hospital bed - medical problem, disease diagnosis, hospital care, terminal illness
An aged Asian man refusing to eat hospital food - weakness, loss of appetite, boring food, bland food, illness side effects
A caring daughter consoling her sick father in the hospital - empathy, old age medical issues, cancer patient
A female medical worker is checking the pulse and breath of an elderly person - unresponsive, unconscious, dead body
A middle-aged female nurse is doing a thumbs-up gesture while a sick man is resting - Indian nurse, Asian hospital
A female doctor posing for the camera - general physician, sick old man resting in the hospital, hospital staff, Asian, brown skin
An aged gentleman with a white moustache in the hospital bed - posing for camera, hospital care
A senior male patient is eating fruits while recovering from deadly disease in the hospital bed - hospital diet, patient diet
Female Indian doctor talking to an elderly patient - giving medications, empathy, Asian doctor, brown skin
A female healthcare worker with her elderly patient - checking ecg monitor, heart monitor, medical diagnosis
An aged patient wearing blue hospital clothes and a cannula is admitted to the hospital - old age, sick man, lonely patient
A middle-aged woman recovering from surgery - unconscious in hospital bed, post surgery care, medical recovery
A closeup of a doctor putting in a nasal oxygen tube - medical treatment, patient in coma, breathing problem
A senior male physician is checking the heart rate and chest issues of a sick lady in the hospital - medical checkup with a stethoscope
A senior Indian doctor puts an oxygen mask on his female patient - shortness of breath, oxygen respirator
A senior male doctor consulting and consoling his female patient in the hospital ward - empathy, personal care
A middle-aged Indian woman with head injury recovering in the hospital - post surgery rest, portable oximeter, blood saturation
A male doctor examines a female patient's eyesight - head injury, post surgery treatment, surgery care
Doctor checking the oxygen saturation level of a female patient - portable oximeter, pulse meter
Asian woman with head injury in hospital - middle-aged woman, severe headache, medical trouble, migraine, chronic attack, accident discomfort
A stressed and lonely woman in her late forties is talking on her smartphone in the hospital - medical issue
Female patient using mobile phone while lying in the hospital bed - hospital recovery, recovering from medical surgery
A middle-aged Indian woman sipping tea / coffee in a hospital room - hospital care, hospital food, ecg monitor
Indian old male doctor checking X-ray or MRI report for his female patient - radiology, CT-scan, X-ray image
An aged male doctor / physician is checking the pulse rate of a sick female patient in hospital
Two white stray dogs in a cage - abandoned, dogs
Faridabad, Haryana, India, 25th July 2022, Two stray dogs are tied / chained together - a dog shelter, sickness, weakness