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We are looking for talented filmmakers who can partner with us and create authentic Indian stock footages for us. Our expectations from our stock partners are:

  1. Ability to produce unique content

  2. We are looking for only India specific stock video content

  3. We prefer 4k footage

  4. Content legally owned by you (that can’t be legally used by someone else)

We expect that our collaborators be in the capacity to enter into a legal agreement with us, which enables us to distribute this content to our clients and serve their needs for monetary gains.

So here’s what we are looking for in terms of content:

  1. Food & Cuisine

  2. Travel & Leisure

  3. Culture

  4. Technology

  5. Festivals

  6. Indian People / Faces

  7. Beauty

  8. Etc.....

Do keep in mind that all these content should be specific to or relate to India and Indian references, as we specifically cater to Indian audience only.
To partner with us, you can contact us at