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A brass Diya is burning brightly against a dark background - an auspicious occasion, Indian culture
A well-lit oil lamp is kept against a dark background - peace, worship
A few medical masks/ surgical masks is hanging on a clothesline - Coronavirus pandemic, protection
View from a balcony - main road with a moving car and an autorickshaw, rainy season, monsoons in North India, an aerial view
On a rainy day, a street light is shining above a green tree - Monsoon in North India, the rainy season
A light wind storm in the monsoons - bad weather
Shot of a freshly prepared green tea in a cup - morning tea, beverage
Two beautiful sparrows sitting under a shade - avian, colorful birds
Shot of a road from the moving car - a journey, a road trip, interstate, highway
Mountain landscape - Road between high green mountains covered with fog
Pan shot of a house in a mountainous region with a goat walking - a scenic view
A bird is flying across the river / lake - ecology, a natural source of water
Delhi NCR, India, 21st June 2022, Long traffic jam on a flyover
Delhi NCR, India, 21st June 2022, A worker in a small roadside shop making blinds - Chikk, shutter, shade, shield
Delhi NCR, India, 21st June 2022, A man stitching / making window blinds - repair and maintainence, small business
Delhi NCR, India, 21st June 2022, A large number of people and vehicles waiting at the railway crossing
Homemaker's hand dipping a slice of stuffed bread inside a chickpea flour
Karnataka, Coorg, India - April/2020 - View of a small bridge over river
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India, 17th November 2021, Manager dressed in casual clothes busy talking to a customer in the exhibition
Akshardham, New Delhi, India, 25th November 2021, A female gardener in casual clothes digging and watering the soil to plant a tree
Jama Masjid, Old Delhi, 25th November 2021, Time-lapse shot of a large number of people crowded outside the Jama Masjid mosque
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India, 17th November 2021, Traditional jewelry displayed at an exhibition
Closeup shot of a juicy Tarbooj with seeds kept on a wooden chopping board
A deliciously made homemade muffin is being decorated with whipped cream
A heap of green and golden pears / Naak kept together in a bamboo basket
Whole green and yellow pear fruit / Naak rotating beautifully on a turntable
Pan shot of tasty and crunchy green pears cut in half served on a designer plate
Water is being sprayed on the green whole and sliced pears kept together