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Indian Environmental Stock Videos At Knot9

A pretty Indian girl relaxing and reading book - enjoying the sunny weather
Close up shot of West Indian Jasmine - close to nature, sense of touch, ecological balance, go green
A young woman strolls in the garden - beautiful flowers, green plants, fresh air, manicured garden, spending time with nature
New Delhi, India - 17th November 2023: Smog on Rajpath during winters, green lawns, manicured park
New Delhi, November 2023: tourists exploring the iconic India Gate amidst the haze of smog
New Delhi, India November 2023: Street cleaning - male municipal worker in uniform sweeping the sidewalk with a broom in Delhi
New Delhi, India, 17 November 2023: Pollution level rise and cause smog in autumn and winter seasons due to stagnant winds. Rajpath
Farmer working in his field - putting urea, use of chemical fertiliser into his crops, Indian farming, rural life, toxic chemicals
An Indian villager putting insecticide/pesticide in the wheat field- harmful chemical, toxic chemical in agriculture, traditional agricultural practises
Closeup of snake plant/ Mother-in-law's tongue plant sprayed with water. Plant care concept, Spraying a houseplant, Indoor Plant, Air purifier
Sowing a flower seed in a pot with fertilised soil - gardening, planting seedlings, World Environment Day
Kalindi Kunj, New Delhi, India, 27th November 2021, Busy bridge over the Yamuna river
Kalindi Kunj, New Delhi, India, 27th November 2021, A man and a woman sitting on Yamuna bank - picnic spot near a garbage dump
Kalindi Kunj, New Delhi, India, 27th November 2021, Garbage dump near the polluted Yamuna river
Kalindi Kunj, New Delhi, India, 27th November 2021, Two boatmen rowing a boat in the polluted river water, fishing in dirty water
Kalindi Kunj, New Delhi, India - Polluted water in the Yamuna river with toxic waste
Kalindi Kunj, New Delhi, India - Dirty polluted Yamuna river with foam / toxic waste from industry
Kalindi Kunj, New Delhi, India, 27th November 2021, Toxic foam on polluted Yamuna river bank
Kalindi Kunj, New Delhi, India, 27th November 2021, People walking by the flowing polluted Jamuna river
Kalindi Kunj, New Delhi - Water pollution, Industrial waste in water forming a white toxic foam, polluted Yamuna river
Female hand keeping a plate of Makhana seasoned with cucumber, tomato, and corn
Sister helping her brother wear a mask properly before wearing it herself
Two cute children wearing their masks properly and giving thumbs up gesture
Moving shot of a drainage ditch filled with domestic / household waste
Still shot of a roadside drainage ditch full of dirty water and rubbish garbage - Contrast of modern and uncivilized infrastructure
Domestic waste material dumped on the sides of a rainwater drainage ditch in India
Rubbish household waste scattered in a roadside water drainage - bad ecology
Top view of a blocked water drainage ditch with household or domestic waste in India