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Young happy couple wearing similar check shirts sitting in a garden with Laptop and discussing things on screen on a bright sunny day
Mid shot of a handsome boy pouting and taking selfie photo using his phone outside in a park
Closeup of hands of a man holding a tablet with green screen
Girl sitting outside in a park and working on laptop
Young man dressed formally using tablet and making hand movements on virtual green screen
Mid shot of a couple sitting on chair and watching something funny on a tablet against the green screen
A girl typing on her phone standing near her office balcony
A girl busy with her official work typing and drinking coffee at the same time
Top view of a girl busy surfing on her laptop using the touchpad
Young Indian girl sitting outdoor on a bright sunny day using tablet
Young Indian couple sitting together in living room and working on their laptop and mobile phones
A young and stressed Indian employee / boy typing on keyboard while working late night at office
An Indian kid playing with digital camera and taking out memory card from the slot
A boy welding a cartwheel tyre in his workshop along with the helpers
Pretty indian female support center operator speaking to the customer
Female's hand typing on a keyboard and using touchpad of a laptop
Beautiful Indian girl waving and typing on phone while sitting in her dark office cabin
Top angle shot of a business women checking profit and loss statement / income report
Extreme close up of photostat machine working from inside
Female employee worried about deadline, playing with stress relieve ball
Close shot of a fingers scrolling pictures on a smartphone and switching it off
Close up shot of an industrial lathe machine in operation
Closeup shot of sand being prepared for a foundry process
Shot of a worker leveling the heap of coal in the furnace
Closeup shot of stapling the carton with staples in card factory
Wide shot of the machine cutting cardboard textured paper roll
Black yarn spools running on the machine in textile factory
Slow motion shot of a corrugation machine at work in an industrial area