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Low angle shot of pearl millet crop ready for harvesting in an Indian farm
Pan shot of Bajra or Bajri on a beautiful summer day in Delhi/NCR, India
Beautiful golden ears of rice ready for harvesting in India - agriculture concept
Indian farmer harvesting paddy crops in the agricultural land of Delhi/NCR, India
Hands of an Indian agricultural laborer cutting rice plants using a sickle - harvest season
Indian farmer walking in the paddy field while holding a sickle in his hand
Pan shot of yellow-green rice ears ready for harvesting - organic farming concept
Pan shot of a sugarcane field near a town in Delhi/NCR, India - farming concept
White egrets wandering in the agricultural land of rice plants during daytime in India
Attractive scenery view of rice plants swaying in the wind in Delhi/NCR, India
Two Indian villagers taking fodder to feed their cattle from an Indian farmland
Beautiful landscape view of endless paddy field at the time of sunset in Delhi/NCR, India
Pan shot of Christmas tree decorations in a dark room in India - Christmas celebration
Bokeh shot of beautifully decorated darkroom for Christmas celebrations in India
Closeup shot of decorated home interior with Christmas tree - bokeh effect, festival celebration
Hands of an Indian female decorating her home with Christmas ornaments - festive scene
Pan shot of a decorated Christmas table prepared for Christmas celebrations
Hands of an Indian female decorating her home with Christmas ornaments - festive scene
Beautiful burning candles with a decorated Christmas tree in the background
Bokeh shot of perfumed candles rotating on a turntable - festive Christmas background
Pan shot of scented candles with wrapped gift boxes with the bokeh effect - Christmas Eve
Bokeh shot of burning candles rotating on a decorated turntable against a festive background
An attractive tree decorated with candy canes and jingles bells for Christmas celebrations
Tilt shot of a decorated platform with colorful Christmas items - festive scene
Pan shot of Indian buffaloes relaxing in a freshwater pond near a village in India
Sliding shot of dry husked seeds of organic rice plants in India during daytime
Beautiful landscape view of an Indian agricultural land of rice - farming concept
Tilt shot of various Diwali decoratives out for sale at a roadside stall in India