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Without People Indian Stock Images and Video At Knot9

Medium shot of a wooden spa table ready with almond oil and scented wax candles for a rejuvenating session - relaxing
Macro shot of a spa oil test by taking in a dropper - spa session, almond oil, pipette, oil dropping drop by drop
Clinically tested oil drips in the bottle from a dropper before a rejuvenating spa session
Medium shot of aromatic oil for wellness therapies and cosmetic treatments - beautiful spa table, essential oil
Beautiful spa composition with aromatic products - scented wax candle, almond oil
Beautiful spa composition with stones, almond oil and scented candles in led lighting setup - dark interior, body care
A creative shot of a sanitary pad with soft red feathers kept on a yellow background - blood absorption, menstrual essentials, period health
A creative shot of painful mensuration with a sanitary pad and falling board pins on a yellow background - menstruation cramps, heavy bleeding
The raw commercial of a white sanitary napkin on a yellow background with red feathers
A visual shot of a white sanitary pad with a red rose over it on yellow background- positive body concept, women menstrual health,
Different items kept on spa table in an Ayurvedic massage center - spa, white towel, burning fragrance candle, aromatic oils and rock salts
Stones for a rejuvenating spa session - flowers and burning candle
Lighting up a scented wax candle for a relaxing aromatic spa session - white flower candles
Unsorted waste material thrown on the street - rubbish, garbage, environmental hazards, dirty roads, unhygienic, trash on road, India
Faridabad, Haryana, India, 2nd September 2022, A young man / male worker working with a circular saw - sparks coming out of hot metal
A beautiful Puja Pandal decorated with orange marigold flowers and bells - an auspicious occasion, celebration time
Orange marigold flowers hanging in a shop in a street market - fragrance, beautiful
Close up shot of a beautiful rock dove is sitting on the wall - Indian bird, avian, Indian bread, breathing issue, flying rat
A rock dove is sitting on the wall - beautiful bird, avian, flying rat, nuisance
A single rock pigeon is sitting on the wall - avian, Columba Livia, flying rate, nuisance, troublesome creature
An office premise is locked with the keys hanging - security, protection, theft, breaking the lock
A timelapse shot of an overcast sky from a house window
A book and spectacles kept in the room - old age, hobby, weak eyesight
A stainless steel retro kettle is kept on the kitchen counter - Indian tea culture
A small Indian bird sitting under a shade - pipit bird, small creature, freedom
Mumbai, India, 1st June 2022 - Old radio and a newspaper are kept on a table - broadcasting, news
Streams of water flowing down a window - raindrops, raining, thunderstorms, weather
The Indian National flag / Indian Tricolor on the top of a mountain - patriotic, a proud Indian citizen, national pride