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Company FAQs

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Do I need to register to purchase a stock video?

Yes. We pride ourselves on exclusivity and don’t make stock images and video content accessible to everyone. So you would have to create an account with us at the log-in page using your e-mail address. After this, you are all set to purchase our stock media.

I am really apprehensive about leaving my credit card related information here. How safe is my credit card information on your site?

Don’t worry. We don't store any of your financial information with us. We also make sure to protect ourself with latest technologies to safeguard your personal information. We also doubly make sure that there are no security breaches.

How can I use the footage purchased from

Read our Licensing terms.

Are there any bulk / subscription plans?

Although you can buy individual footages for their quote prices we also provide a range of subscription services depending on your need and budget for those that require a regular stream of content. You can also check our subscriptions plans from here.
Do remember that access to these plans are only for a year, meaning that you can access stock videos only for 365 days.

 Do you store and use my private information?

We just store some basic information about you like your name, email and contact details, order history for order processing. We don’t store any of your confidential information. For more details read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

I’m not sure if the media you have is enough. Do you add more content? How often do you do it?

We make sure that we provide our customers with plenty of fresh content to work with on a weekly basis. We add multiple videos every week. If you are looking for a specific content which is not available in our library, please contact us at

Can you provide us with the custom format and dimensions?

Yes, we do this at additional costs. You can contact us at

I am receiving an error for which I’m not finding a solution in the FAQs section. What do I do?

Don’t worry we can answer anything for you. Just drop us an email at with your queries and we’d be happy to help you.

I can just get good quality photos from the Internet, can’t I?

Media content in the public domain is way too generic. You can always use them for free, but they are poor in quality and are often commonly seen in plenty of websites and media content, so this will certainly impact the quality of your content. This is the same for other websites that offer you royalty-free media, either the quality isn’t great or they won’t last for too long, meaning you won’t be getting a stream of footage from them.

But then why stock media?

Sourcing quality videos can be a challenge, especially with copyrights infringements on good quality content, meaning you can’t use them unless you obtain permission from the original author. It is needless to say that this permission comes at a hefty fee. With stock media content, you get great quality content for a fraction of the royalty fees or fees that you may incur if you use copyrighted media footage.

That’s great, but why should I use Knot9’s services? I just checked and there are dozens of stock media websites.

Knot9 is a unique service in the sense that we provide specialized stock footage specific to India for Indian content. You can scout around and see if you can find media content that is India specific. The answer will be a resounding “NO”. Most stock media websites provide content that is heavily focused on the Western world and their audience. So using this in India specific content is very out of place and would completely negate the very reason we use stock media in the first place – providing authenticity and relevance to your content.

Are there no other media sites that provide me India specific stock content? Surely I could find some.

There are India specific stock footages available in quite a few stock media websites. But there are few in number, so this means that these footages will pop up in several Indian and India specific websites. This will totally kill any bit of uniqueness that you are trying to achieve with your content. Moreover, Indian stock footage owing to its rarity will certainly not come cheap.

So here’s why we do what we do.

Our team has a background in video production for over twelve years and during our stint in this field, we experienced the difficulty that many content developers are currently facing – finding good quality Indian media content that can be licensed for cheap. So we thought that we will help create a platform for users to source quality stock footage, using our experience in this industry.

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