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Indian Stock Video Footage At Knot9

A depressed Indian woman in towel is upset to see her damaged hair - unhealthy hair, vitamin deficiency, hair issues
A portrait of an Indian girl holding the menstrual cup and tampon - alternative menstrual products, feminine personal hygiene
Delhi, India - November 17 2023, A beautiful view of India Gate with the clear blue sky - Indian monument, ancient architecture
Portrait shot of an Indian man pointing on left - copy space - advertising concept, selling a product
Indian man detangling knots in a bundle of hay - biodegradable packing, mulching material, agriculture industry
Indian men play traditional drums and musical instruments during SurajKund mela
A beautiful Buddha fountain sold at a roadside stall for sale in India - meditating Buddha statue in a market
Close-up of Indian woman shopping for handmade jute wallet - shop in handloom market
Handcrafted decoration in a shop in India - hanging souvenir items, home decor accessories
Delhi, India - 16 Feb, 2023 - A young Indian woman looking at the wind chimes in a local fair - pre-festive shopping
Indian tribal woman working on an old wooden handloom weaving machine - hand-made cloth, manual work
Indian men play traditional drums and musical instruments during SurajKund mela
Sewing machine needle pierces the fabric making a joint with yellow thread - sewing a fabric
Indian muslim man making a dress on sewing machine - tailoring, man with skull cap, low-wage worker, self-employed
A man pointing fingers at the copy space at home - advertisement concept
An Indian nuclear happy family makes rangoli with flowers and petals - Diwali festival, Indian festival, decorated colorful house
Caring and affectionate Indian mother hugging her teenage daughter near village field - family bonding, quality time, mother-daughter bonding
A village farmer taking his daughter to school - Beti bachao beti padhao, girl child education, government school child
A middle-aged villager helping his daughter in her studies - Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, girl child education
Indian mid aged village man braiding her teen daughter's hair with a ribbon - father-daughter bonding, village home
Mid-Aged Indian housewife braiding her daughter's hair while her husband works in the field - Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, village home, mother-daughter bonding, Indian family concept
Caring Indian mother feeding her teenage daughter while sitting on the terrace of their village home - rural lifestyle
A middle-aged farmer feeding his beautiful wife - Indian village scene, relationship and bonding, romantic village couple
Shot of an Indian girl wearing ethnic clothes studying for her exams - girl's education, beti bachao beti padao
A rural Indian girl with braided hair sitting alone in the field and studying for her exam - education and literacy, Indian village, girl education, beti bachao, beti padao
A teenage village girl walks through the wheat field with books in her hand - Girl education, beti bachao beti padhao
A pretty Indian girl with braided hair holding the Indian tricolour flag - Republic or Independence Day, National holiday
An Indian mother and her teenage daughter spending time together near their farmland - village lifestyle, mother-daughter bond