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Indian Stock Video Footage At Knot9

Hyderabad, Telangana, India, 1st/April/2020 - Indian flag flying high with pride - India flag fluttering, India independence day, Republic day of India
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, April/2020 - Indian man selling hot milk at a sweet shop - Roadside stalls, healthy food
Chennai, India, April 2022 - A south Indian man selling tea to the customers - tea break, garam chai
Puducherry, India, April/2020 - A local cosmetic accessories stall on a road - Roadside bazaar, local market
Small scale industry in India - worker making jute yarn
Indian mother teaching cooking to the daughter while son studying with his father
Happy village family - Parents and their two children spending time together
Indian village mother putting her newborn baby to sleep - mother and child moment
A teenage girl wearing a school uniform, studying in the light of an electric bulb - Indian village home
Rural family with a pregnant mother, middle-aged father, and school-going son - Indian village
Rural father gets a call while he helps his children in studies - Happy family
Cheerful village couple and two children posing for the camera at their home - Happy nuclear family
Cute little village schoolgirl happily playing with a paper airplane at home
Medium shot - Educated Indian villager happily working on his digital laptop
Village scene of an Indian mother happily teaching her little daughter at home
Indian village couple doing card payment using a laptop - online shopping concept
Educated Indian villager happily showing new things to his wife on a laptop
Village scene - Middle-aged husband-wife ordering things online using a laptop
Village scene of a middle-aged couple happily spending time together at home
Indian villager taking a phone call about receiving money - financial concept
Village scene of an Indian housewife cooking food for her family on a clay stove
Indian father happily teaching new things to his daughter on a digital laptop
Middle-aged village woman happily making dinner for her family on a Chulha
Village scene of an Indian farmer teaching his daughter on a digital laptop
Village scene of Indian parents happily embracing their cute little daughter
Village scene - Middle-aged Indian housewife happily making food for her family
Village scene - Beautiful Indian housewife serving delicious food to her family
Medium shot of an Indian village family eating lunch/dinner together at home