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Indian friends watching the cricket cup - praying for the Indian team to win, nervous fans, victory celebration, adrenaline rush
Indian friends wearing Indian cricket jerseys watching a cricket match - disappointed fans, emotional reaction, angry cricket fans, sports concept
An Indian man in a blue cricket jersey watching a live cricket match on TV or television - cricket fever, World Cup series
Excited young Indian man with long hair wearing cricket jersey, watching cricket match on tv, excitement
Two young brothers checking the live cricket score - placing online bets, Indian cricket teams, sports app, online gaming addiction
Diwali decoration with colorful flowers, Diwali rangoli, and Diwali lights - Young girl talking on a phone, Hindu festival, Gujrati girl
Closeup shot of a young Indian woman celebrating the Indian cricket team's victory - watching a live cricket sports match on TV
Thrilled friends in Indian jerseys cheering for team India during match
Close-up pan shot of friends deeply engrossed in a crucial cricket match displayed on their smartphone, Indian jersey
A pan shot of four Indian friends huddled together, watching a crucial cricket match on a smartphone, serious and tense expressions
A group of fans in Indian jerseys sitting on couch and watching live cricket match on phone - cricket fever,
Indian friends wearing Indian cricket jerseys watching a cricket match at home - disappointed fans, emotional reaction, angry cricket fans, sports concept
Attractive village woman getting confused while operating her new laptop
Attractive female farmer happily chatting on her smartphone at home
Confident young villager working on a laptop - progressive Indian farmer
Indian village couple doing card payment using a laptop - online shopping concept
Educated Indian villager happily showing new things to his wife on a laptop
South-Indian couple ordering gifts for their close friends on the occasion of Diwali - shopping concept
Beautiful woman putting tilak on husband's forehead during Festive puja, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga pooja
Diwali festival, Indian lovable family taking selfies or self photographs at home - colorful, decorated background
Beautiful woman wearing ethnic dress talking on phone - festival wishes, Indian festivals, Diwali, Ganesh chaturthi
A young woman in traditional clothes using a smartphone for a video call - festive season, wishing Diwali, Indian colorful home
Pretty young Indian woman browsing the internet on mobile - modern technology
Overjoyed elderly Indian woman in front of a webcam while making a video call
Cheerful senior Indian woman doing a video call from her smartphone sitting at home
Happy mature Indian lady and her young grownup daughter spending time on mobile
A family of three women making a video call - relationship and bonding
A young businessman wearing wireless headphones talking on a video call