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Lord Shiva's damaru tied with flowers to his Trishul made of Metal
Mid age Indian woman talking on the phone. Shocked, Angry, Surprised expression
Indian man having severe shoulder pain - Unable to work. Mid aged man medical condition
Attractive Indian woman texting using a smartphone before pooja begins at home - Festive Background
Close-up shot of old Sikh man enjoying Sunday afternoon reading a spiritual book - Spending time at leisure
Young Indian couple sitting on floor - Exploring tab in midst of house shifting
Romantic young Indian couple spending good time together at home during holidays
Video clip of a young patient discussing his problem with the dentist - Health, Fitness, Wellness
Happy Indian woman laughing while talking on the phone with friends
Young couple doing online shopping on a laptop
Young Indian couple looking at the laptop sitting on the couch. Shopping online for their new home interiors
Young Indian man and woman feeling tired after placing couch/ sofa at new flat
Indian Woman looks worried and her husband comforts her - Email account hacked
Young Indian Married Couple - Playing ludo board game sitting on floor. Priceless expressions of shock, happiness and jealousy
Smiling Indian couple playing a game of chess while sitting at a table
Modern Indian couple playing board game at home - Playing Chess
Indian wife makes clever move in a board game - Husband shocked. Happy couple spending time together
Young Indian modern couple playing board game on the floor at table. Couple having good time
Indian woman with french manicured hands making her move at chess
Extreme close up / top view of playing chess at the table. Beating the opponent in chess
Happy Family - Friends playing ludo board game at table and having a good time
Close-up of young corporate executive filling Home Loan Application form on a paper sheet
Close-up of man studying amount due for home loan payment due to bank
Young Indian man holding Indian currency Rs 2000 notes - Doing monthly budget expenditure calculations
Young asian couple hanging a painting on the white wall in their new flat
Indian couple - Husband Wife Duo painting their house walls after home relocation
Close-up video of a young Indian boy painting walls of the room white with a roller
Young Indian woman carefully painting walls in white color with a roller - House Relocation