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Healthy beautiful lady practicing Matsyendrasan Asana (half twist pose) on a yoga mat - sportswear
Time-lapse shot of Indian vehicles on a highway in Delhi/NCR, India
Hands of a young laborer working at a workshop - industrial factory lifestyle in India
Close-up shot of burning incense sticks at home with a blackish-grey background
Indian barber shaving an old man's white hair head with a blade - Hindu Ritual of donating hair
Closeup shot of drummer's hands playing drum during sangeet and mehndi party - Indian wedding
An Indian man playing dhol or drum during a baraat ceremony in an Indian wedding
Closeup shot of Ghara Gharoli ceremony taking place at an Indian wedding
A flock of birds flying around a tree in the blue cloudy sky - freedom concept
A young child standing with a signboard of "Stop Pollution" while wearing a medical mask
Tilt shot of young father and son of India standing with a "Stop Pollution" signboard
Indian man showing a slate of "Stop Pollution" text with garbage dump in the background
Closeup shot of an Indian girl reading a book very carefully - education concept
Shot of a man giving puffed rice in the bride's hands on her special wedding day
Closeup shot of Indian bride and groom performing rituals of a wedding in India
Pretty Indian girl is excited while talking over a phone call against the white background
Closeup view of an Indian makeup artist applying kajal to a model - makeup concept
A young woman happily greeting in a traditional Indian namaste - colorful festive background
Indian worker painting the exterior of the house with yellow paint - renovation concept
Cute little girl happily watching cartoons on a digital tablet with her father - weekend fun
Elderly woman suffers from a severe headache while reading a book in bed
Indian grandmother happily smiling while reading a book at home - old age concept
Indian lady reads a book with glasses while sitting in bed - the lifestyle of old people
Beautiful Indian girl showing new clothes to her friend in a living room
Indian teenager studying hard for his upcoming semester exams - education concept
A handsome college-going student trying hard to concentrate on his studies - Study Pressure India
Two different generations working together on a laptop - Father and son in India
Elderly father helping out his son in the problem-solving assignment - Indian family