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Indian Lifestyle Stock Videos At Knot9

Young happy couple wearing similar check shirts sitting in a garden with Laptop and discussing things on screen on a bright sunny day
Gardener cleaning out waste from plants in a park
Mid shot of a boy with earphones sitting on a bench in a park and enjoying music on a bright sunny day
Mid shot of a young boy sitting on a bench in a park with earphones plugged in his tab and listening to songs on a very bright sunny day
Young happy boy standing in a park and talking on phone reacts to a good news
Girl sitting outside in a park and working on laptop
A beautiful girl laughing and talking to a friend on her Phone while standing in a park
Mid shot of a young boy sitting on sofa and watching an interesting movie while eating popcorn
Mid shot of a boy lying alone on a sofa and reading an interesting book (4K)
Timelapse shot of traffic in night at cannaught place, Delhi
Beautiful girl walking sideways carrying a coffee colour handbag against the green screen
Boy and a girl dressed professionally standing against the chroma screen and clapping in appreciation
Cute girl dressed formally flipping the pages of a book and making gestures against the green screen
Mid shot of a couple sitting on chair and watching something funny on a tablet against the green screen
A young girl practicing tadasana / mountain yoga pose outside in a park
A young girl practicing vrikshasana / tree yoga pose in a park
A young girl doing nadishodhana / anulom vilom / alternate nostril breathing pranayama in a park
Young man sitting on stairs in living room talking on his mobile phone
Cute girl lying on bed texting and playing with her hair
A young and stressed Indian employee / boy typing on keyboard while working late night at office
A young indian girl is happy thinking and writing down her story
A poor potter beating earthen jar to make a water pot
Side shot of an cute Indian boy counting pens in his pencil box
Close up of a potter preparing and designing a flower pot on a potter's wheel
A closeup shot of a potter shaping the mud clay to make an earthen pot
A man beating the outer surface of an earthen drinking pot in order to make the surface even
Closeup shot of an Indian child making paper craft with colored paper
Closeup shot of Indian Currency - Rupee 200 revolving on a table