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An Indian devotee in traditional attire offers prayers to the sun during the Chhath festival , Asian woman wearing Indian jewelry
Indian woman holding an earthen lamp in her hand - faith of God, red saree, offering prayers to sun
Traditionally dressed woman and a man worshiping Lord Sun while standing in a river - celebrating Chhath pooja
A couple worshipping Lord Sun at sunrise and celebrating the Chhath Pooja - auspicious day, Bihari family, Bihar
Traditionally dressed Indian couple worshiping God Sun - a celebration of Chhath Pooja festival, Bihari family, offering water
A traditionally dressed Indian woman in Chhath pooja attire is worshipping Lord Sun - Hindu festival, offering water
Shot of a woman posing for the camera while standing in a river - Chhath Pooja celebration, praying to Sun
A woman offering prasad, fruits, vegetables, and other items and a Diya to pray sun God at a lake during Chhath Puja
Women joining hands and praying to Lord Sun on the festival of Chhath Pooja - Chhath Mahaparv, Chath Puja rituals
Woman with a rising sun - Chath Pooja celebrated in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Nepal country
An Indian woman smiling on a decorative background - rose petals, festive vibes, decorative background
Shot of a young beautiful girl in traditional clothes giving a toothy smile - Diwali celebration, festive vibe
Shot of a beautiful Indian female smiling while throwing flower petals - Festive vibe, newly wed woman
Closeup shot of a woman smiling and posing for the camera - Festival background
A pretty Indian woman in a traditional outfit is holding gifts - Diwali celebration, festivals, Onam, Baisakhi
An attractive woman getting ready for the Diwali festival at home - Hindu festival, festival of lights
Traditional Indian woman checking out her kundan jewelry set - bokeh effect, decorated house, Diwali gift
Closeup shot of a female smiling while holding an oil-lit lamp in her hands - Diwali celebration, bokeh shot
Closeup shot of a beautiful woman posing for the camera - Hindu festival, celebration
Beautiful young female with decorated table with flowers and oil lamps at home - Diwali festival celebration, Indian housewife
A pretty looking woman in ethnic holding diya and decorating house - Hindu festival, Indian rituals, new house
A beautiful girl posing for the camera on a decorated background - Diwali celebration, traditional look, mirror view
Beautiful young woman having fun with firecrackers in traditional wear - Diwali
Beautiful young woman having fun with firecrackers in traditional clothing - Diwali festival
Beautiful young woman enjoying the decoration of her wedding - celebration concept, decoration, Baisakhi
Beautiful young Indian woman having fun with firecrackers in traditional clothing - Diwali festival
Pretty young female holding an oil-lit lamp in a dark room - festival of Diwali celebration
An Indian woman dressed in ethnic wear on the occasion of Diwali - happily checking flower and light decoration