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Middle-aged urban wife chopping fresh and healthy salad - health consciousness
Mature female eating snacks and surfing TV channels sitting with her husband
Mature couple enjoying their favorite TV program at home - leisure time
Middle-aged wife tasting and appreciating the food made by her husband
An attractive housewife happily talking and waving on a video call using her smartphone
Grey-haired male cooking in the kitchen while the wife is happily instructing him
Caring Indian husband helping his wife in the kitchen to make a tasty dish
Attractive couple having tea and biscuits - bonding and togetherness
Caring Indian housewife giving tea and biscuits to her husband - loving family
Affectionate husband gives a surprise gift to his wife - togetherness and bonding
Modern Indian woman helping her businessman husband to wear a coat while getting ready - Happily Married
Matured Indian male giving a head massage to his wife - Happy Indian couple
Indian housewife giving an oil massage to her tired husband - relaxation concept
Caring middle-aged housewife massaging the shoulders of her tired husband
Caring wife brings two cups of tea while her husband busy doing official work
An attractive village woman and her bearded husband looking at each other
Attractive village lady in Saree cleaning rice in a traditional bamboo rice cleaner
Annoyed wife arguing with her husband - Indian mid-age couple fight
Loving Indian woman / housewife gifting a blue shirt to her husband - caring family
Middle-aged Indian businessman talking to a client while working on a laptop
Concentrated male busy in his official work while his wife cooking in the kitchen
Indian male with grey hair and mustache doing office work at home
Middle-aged attractive wife scrolling her smartphone in her free time at home
Mature happy couple listening and enjoying a web series on their smartphone
Indian lady flipping the pages of a storybook while her husband busy on mobile
Upset couple ignoring each other sitting on a couch - relationships conflict
Irritated aged couple quarreling with each other at home - family problems
Happy conversation between a middle-aged male and female during their free time