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Desi Indian farmer happily showing his farmland to his family - village lifestyle, rural area, farming, farms
Happy Indian farmer family in fields - rural area, desi lifestyle, village life, nuclear family, girl child
Indian family enjoying their leisure time in the garden - happy childhood, good parenting, small Indian family, young parents
Plus size lady measures her waist with tape at home and feels sad and unhappy - overweight concept
Plus size Asian woman looks in the mirror and pinches her flabby arms - lifestyle problems, modern day health
Young girl eating high-calorie food, hamburger/ burger - health risk concept, lip-smacking food, fast food
Women relaxing at home - eating cookies and listening to music on headphones, high sugar content, unhealthy lifestyle, binge eating
Beautiful wife handing her husband's phone and wallet in his hand before he leaves - married couple, lifestyle concept, Green screen
Beautiful wife helping her husband wear his blazer for corporate office meeting - Green screen background
Close up shot of young loving partners holding each other's hands, young man and a woman holding hands, green screen
Indian young couple scrolling on their smartphone in their leisure time on a green screen, cell phone addiction
A happy couple uses a smartphone to take a selfie against a green screen
Young woman helping her husband wear his tie, green screen background, close up shot, fixing a tie
A young couple holding hands, couple in love, romantic couple, loving couple
A beautiful Indian lady helping her partner wear his blazer, happy couple, working man, dress up
Closeup Shot of a woman adjusting man's tie, dressing up, chroma shoot, formal dress, office dress
Middle-aged urban wife chopping fresh and healthy salad - health consciousness
Mature female eating snacks and surfing TV channels sitting with her husband
Mature couple enjoying their favorite TV program at home - leisure time
Middle-aged wife tasting and appreciating the food made by her husband
An attractive housewife happily talking and waving on a video call using her smartphone
Grey-haired male cooking in the kitchen while the wife is happily instructing him
Caring Indian husband helping his wife in the kitchen to make a tasty dish
Attractive couple having tea and biscuits - bonding and togetherness
Caring Indian housewife giving tea and biscuits to her husband - loving family
Affectionate husband gives a surprise gift to his wife - togetherness and bonding
Modern Indian woman helping her businessman husband to wear a coat while getting ready - Happily Married
Matured Indian male giving a head massage to his wife - Happy Indian couple