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Attractive young man wearing a hygienic mask to breathe fresh air - white background
A young lady doctor in white uniform and a stethoscope standing in a public park - Indian Model
Young well-dressed doctor observing his unconscious patient at the village home - Indian Model
A caring female nurse feeding food to a sick girl in a hospital room - feeding food, hospital care, medical service
A male physician with a stethoscope is checking the heart rate of a teddy bear - a friendly doctor, medical equipment
A young physician / pediatrician checking the heart rate of a cute little girl - a routine checkup
A sweet little kid is using a stethoscope to check the heartbeat of a young man - doctor-patient game, medical equipment
A young schoolgirl suffering from illness - wearing a medical mask, surgical mask, admitted to the hospital, lung disease
A cute little schoolgirl lying in bed with a soft toy in a pediatric unit - sick Indian child in a hospital room, hospital care
A young Indian woman is comforting her sick little daughter and making her sleep in the hospital bed
A sick Indian girl and her handsome father playing the rock paper scissors game - a childhood game, single father
A caring Indian father is feeding fruits / apples to his little daughter - a nutritious meal, a healthy diet, juicy
An attractive female nurse is pushing an ill girl-child sitting in a wheelchair - care and assistance
A young female nurse is talking to a little girl child sitting in a wheelchair - a casual conversation, friendly hospital staff
A little child patient is sitting in a wheelchair while holding a teddy bear - a favorite toy, an accident, an injury
A sweet little girl is talking to her family members on mobile in the hospital - loneliness, an internet connection
Beautiful Indian doctor standing with the reports and a stethoscope
Handsome guy pouring water on his face after a healthy workout session - Lifestyle
Attractive expecting female with cute smile looking at laptop while taking rest in cafe.
Joyful pregnant woman talking on phone and posing for camera
A serious and young Indian doctor examining his patient's MRI / X-ray reports