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Mature Indian doctor talking to a pregnant woman enquiring about her health
Unhealthy young Indian lady suffering from seasonal virus disease - COVID / Coronavirus
Old Indian lady taking pills sitting on a sofa - healthcare and retirement concept
An old lady suffering from headache and suffering pain
Portrait of a smart boy covered under a blanket having medicines for toothache
Young female wearing a gray woolen cap sneezing - Common cold / Coronavirus
Lonely Indian woman reading an interesting novel while taking rest at home
Indian woman with injuries / wounds resting on a wooden sofa after an accident
Lonely injured woman at home - in pain after an accident
Injured young woman drinking healthy orange juice sitting at home to get fit
Beautiful Indian teenager talking on a smartphone after meeting with an accident
Pretty lady with badly injured elbow putting an antiseptic solution on the wound
Injured adolescent female treating her wounded hand - first-aid of wrist sprain
Indian female making notes of her online education wearing a medical mask
A young man and his beautiful pregnant wife on a video call while using a mobile
A young Indian woman holding a pregnancy kit while talking on a video call
Cheerful young man in casual clothes hugging and kissing his pregnant wife - Happy couple
A happy and caring husband feeding healthy breakfast to his pregnant wife
A caring young mother of a village making her daughter wear a cap and shawl - winter season, winter flu, cold and cough, sick child
A worried mother of an Indian village giving medicines to her daughter - seasonal flu, viral disease, fever, cough and cold, village home
A rural housewife consulting a doctor over the phone for her daughter's health
A sick young girl wearing a hat and covered with a shawl resting on her mother's lap - cold and cough, fever, sick child, village family
A worried young mother of an Indian village giving a glass of water to her sick child
A middle-aged female and her young daughter in a village put on a medical mask - Covid-19, self-isolation, Coronavirus pandemic
A caring mother of an Indian village giving liquid medications to her little daughter - drops, healthcare and medical, childcare treatment
A handsome guy wearing a woolen cap warming his hands in front of a heater
A sick young man having a runny nose during the winter season using a tissue paper
A sick young couple covered in a blanket resting at home in the chilly weather