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India Food Stock Footage At Knot9

Lady's hand placing a watermelon piece fixed on a wooden ice cream stick
Different shaped popsicles made with juicy watermelon and ice cream sticks
Female hand keeping a freshly cut fruit popsicle on unpeeled watermelon piece
Lady picking up a piece of juicy watermelon with a fork - popular summer fruit
Female taking a bite of a slice of juicy watermelon from the ceramic plate
Pan shot of juicy sliced watermelon with brown seeds kept together on a wooden surface
Red and juicy watermelon cut into slices kept together on a wooden table
Watermelon / Tarbooj fruit cube slices served together on a wooden surface
Female hand keeping a freshly peeled bowl of watermelon - tropical fruit
Chocolate syrup pouring over ripe and juicy watermelon slices - summer fruits
Female pouring mustard oil on spicy stuffed red chili pickle kept on a plate
Red chili flakes dropping in a white stone mortar pestle - spicy Indian food
Traditional stone mortar pestle pounding ingredients to prepare spicy Masala
A freshly cut half lemon falling into a transparent bowl of cool pure water
Female keeping a plate of red and green chilies pickle on the table
Stuffing Masala of Mirchi being placed on a wooden table - Indian Achaar
Delicious spicy stuffed chilies pickle made in India
Homemade red and green chilies pickle / Mirchi ka Achaar / Loncha on a jute mat
Rajasthani Mirchi Ka Achaar / stuffed chili pickle placed on a colorful background
Female keeping a stuffed red chili pickle with other chilies on the table
Masala stuffed / Bharwa green pickled chili - spicy tasty mirch ka achaar
Rajasthani plump big red and green chilies in a bowl of water - spicy food
Spraying of water droplets on green and red fresh chilies - spicy food
Air-dried roasted red chilies (lal mirch) falling inside a white marble mortar pestle
Exotic red pepper flakes and dried whole chilies dropping on a wooden table
Flakes of red pepper falling inside a transparent bottle - spices and seasoning
Fresh whole red and green chilies with stems dropping near bell peppers
Slow slicing of big raw green capsicum with a sharp-edged knife - cooking food