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India Food Stock Footage At Knot9

Young Indian housewife drinking fresh lemon / Nimbu juice in the morning
Home chef adding flavorful spices and seasonings in the dish to enhance the taste
Female cook adding salt from a spice box to the boiling pasta - home-style cooking
Indian woman stirring boiling penne pasta with a wooden spatula - home cooking
Beautiful woman preparing tasty vegetable salad sitting in the kitchen at home
Portrait of a young Indian woman having a freshly prepared delicious dessert
Young Indian chef decorating her freshly baked cake with confectionery sprinkles
Indian home baker / food blogger with a freshly prepared cake - baking concept
Female cook's hand sprinkling confetti sugar balls on a creamy choco-vanilla cake
Indian female's hand topping a freshly baked creamy cake with small strawberries
Young food blogger / baker clicking pictures of her freshly baked birthday cake
Colorful sugar caramel sprinkled on a birthday cake for decoration - baking concept
Happy woman wearing an apron in the kitchen decorating a beautiful birthday cake
Cheerful home baker kneading dough with a whisker in a glass bowl
Indian female's hand using a whisker to mix flour and eggs in a bowl - baking concept
Woman's hand breaking a raw egg in a bowl of all-purpose flour - baking concept
Indian female's hand dipping a tea-bag in hot water to make a fresh cup of tea
A view of Urad, Moong, Arhar, and Masoor Dal/lentils with Indian whole spices
Freshly prepared garnished Dal fry / Tadka and Dal Makhani kept on a rotating table - Indian Food
Raw lentils / Dal kept on a rotating table with a cooked meal of Dal-Chawal
Raw Masoor and yellow Mung / Moong Dal falling on a table with cooked Dal Tadka
Black lentils / sabut urad dal and kidney beans / rajma dropping on a lunch table
Human hand keeping a bowl of Sabut Urad Dal / black lentils with cooked Dal Makhani
Pan shot of table set with a popular Indian meal Dal Makhani served with plain rice
Female's hand putting dried red chilies on top of a fresh bowl of Dal Makhani
Fresh coriander leaves sprinkled to garnish Dal Makhani - famous Indian dish
Summer cooler buttermilk drink made of yogurt/dahi placed with dal chawal meal
Famous Indian meal of steamed rice and dal makhani served with salad and pickle