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India Food Stock Footage At Knot9

Indian middle-aged businessman is measuring the weight of rice on a weighing scale - small business, honest
Handsome Indian man stirring tasty food in a non-stick frying pan - mixing ingredients with wooden spatula, home chef
Indian college student tasting homemade food - eating instant noodles, domestic kitchen, quick dinner meal
Handsome Indian bachelor tasting hot home-cooked meal - tasty and delicious food, taste testing, domestic kitchen
Heap of red peppers overflowing from a white bowl - tropical hot spices, Indian masala, Lal Mirch, traditional seasoning
Closeup shot of fresh almonds rotating in a white bowl - good fats, badam, nutrient-rich food, raw food concept
Gloved hand sprinkling black salt to a bowl of freshly cut lemon - kala namak, Indian achar, homemade pickle
Gloved hand scooping masala with a spoon - Indian spices, traditional achaar making process, South Asian pickle
Young bachelor drizzling oil in a non-stick pan - cooking at home, staying alone, office going, vegetable oil, induction cooktop
Handsome Indian man making fried eggs in non-stick pan - cooking at home, home-style cooking, homemade meal
Millennial Indian man pouring clean drinking water in pan - cooking at home, mineral/filtered water, homemade food
Indian home chef putting instant noodles in a pan - quick and easy snack, home-style cooking, simple meal, convenience food
Young Indian man stirring food in a non-stick frying pan on electric stove - sautéed vegetables, home-style cooking
Handsome Indian guy adding red pepper powder to the food - Lal Mirch, spicy food, authentic seasoning
Amateur Indian cook slicing fresh tomatoes in kitchen - home cooking, healthy eating, wooden cutting board
Smiling fit Indian man showing homemade salad bowl to the camera - healthy food, nutrient-rich, balanced diet
Indian boy adding freshly sliced tomatoes in salad bowl - healthy and nutritious meal, vegetarian food, green garden salad, bachelor, staying alone
Indian home cook sprinkling salt on his tomato and cucumber salad - healthy food, vegetarian diet, vegan dish
Attractive health-conscious Indian man making a salad - balanced diet, nutritious meal, vegan/organic food
Portrait of an Indian man drinking orange juice at night - midnight snack, late-night craving, unhealthy diet, insomnia problem
Indian man satisfying his sugar craving - eating cookies at night, midnight craving, late-night snacking, eating disorder
Handsome Indian guy eating cookies at night - insomnia concept, midnight snack, sleep disorder, coping mechanism
Road side food vendor making and cutting paneer cheela - protein-rich food, made of besan, cost-effective, staple
Cooking a local Indian dish in a non-stick frying pan - aloo-jeera sabzi, Indian cuisine
Top shot of pouring cream on vegetarian North Indian dish - dal makhani, cooking different lentils, creamy curry
Table decorated with beautiful tea-set, a plate of cookies, and sugar cubes - chai, Indian beverage, coffee beans
Milk is poured into a transparent glass for breakfast - rich in nutrients, calcium, vitamin D
Female hand dipping a toasted rusk in a glass of warm milk - breakfast, dairy products, gluten-free, lactose-free