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Female doctor explaining the latest medical reports of an old lady - full body checkup, doctor's advice
Beautiful Indian lady doctor examining an old woman in village - nurse, government hospital doctor, ilaaj
Beautiful Indian female assistant professor - college student, school girl, young graduate, nari shakti, studious girl
An old lady and her daughter using laptop together - technology in rural area, insurance agent, government schemes, nari shakti
Grey-haired father blessing his beautiful daughter for her new job at school - teacher, teaching, proud parent
Two government school Indian teachers dressed decently posing for the camera - professors, lecturer
Beautiful young Indian girl in traditional wear excited for her first day at college - topper, university topper
Grey-haired adult man casting his vote during elections through EVM - General elections, assembly elections
An Indian elderly lady giving her vote in the EVM - registered voters, general elections, election process, democracy
Beautiful Indian female ready to cast her vote through evm during elections - general elections, online voting
An Indian political leader along with election officer corrupting the voting process - election manipulation, voting rigger
An Indian political party leader folding his hands and posing for the camera - assembly election, election winner, Indian democracy
An Indian politician giving away his flower bouquet and poses for the camera - election winner, lok sabha, new political party
An Indian political party leader joining his hands in front of the camera - general elections, neta ji, voting
An Indian politician distributing money to poor people - corrupted schemes, voting fraud, election manipulation
A corrupted political party leader giving bribe to the people - election manipulation, vote rigging, voting fraud, Indian democracy
An Indian politician showing off his money to bribe - a corrupted leader, the power of money, 500 rupees notes
An Indian politician with candidates showing the ink-marked index finger to encourage the Indian citizens - democracy, right to vote, registered voters
Supports of a political party showing ink sign on their index finger after casting their vote - assembly elections
A male Indian politician doing the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the inauguration - elections, political party, rajya sabha member
An elderly lady putting a tricolour scarf on the political party leader - elections, lok sabha party member, Indian democracy
An Indian male political party leader receives flowers from the elderly lady - democracy, Lok Sabha party member, government party
Responsible citizen showing the ink mark on his index finger after casting his vote - assembly election, general election
Political party supporters welcoming the political party leader with flower garland - public servant, the Indian government, lok sabha member
A group of happy voters showing their inked-marked index fingers in front of the camera - registered voters, a democratic, Indian citizenship
A beautiful young college student happily showing her blue mark on the index finger - general elections, a registered voter, an Indian citizen
An Indian voter showing the ink sign on her index finger after casting her vote - voting process, democracy
A portrait of a responsible Indian citizen showing the blue ink mark on the index finger casting a vote - general elections, Indian citizenship, assembly, Lok Sabha