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Young lady relaxing with a serum mask on her face while resting on the sofa
Portrait of a young Indian woman applying moisturizer cream on hands at night
A perspiring youngster wearing black sleeveless sportswear standing indoors
Indian cricketer in a white uniform with all cricket gears posing for the camera - sports activity
Sideview of a clean-shaved healthy youngster sweating after workout training
Indian bowler holding a red cricket duce ball dropping from the air - sports concept
Young athlete looking at his bandaged hand and then towards the camera
Indian male applying an elastic bandage for sprain - Indian boxer
Wrist sprain - Young man wrapping crepe bandage on his painful wrist
Teenage player wrapping an elastic medical bandage on his wrist
Half face of a young Indian male moving his face straight up towards the camera
Portrait of an Indian youngster looking towards the camera
Young Indian cricketer adjusting his helmet in the dressing room - getting ready for the game
Indian cricket batsman with helmet, bat, and gloves in hands, looking at the camera - Sports
Portrait of a confident Indian cricketer wearing a helmet and holding a cricket bat
Portrait of a professional batsman looking at a cricket bat in his gloved hands
Portrait of an Indian male cricket batsman adjusting his helmet - sports concept
Portrait of young Indian cricket player wearing hand gloves and getting ready for game
Young bowler ready with the leather ball before the cricket practice session
Portrait of young Indian sportsman playing with a leather ball before the cricket practice session
Male cricketer in his early twenties playing with a duce ball - active sports concept
Young adult measuring his bicep with a measuring tape while standing indoors
Portrait of a fit young adult in t-shirt measuring his waist using a measuring tape
Portrait of a healthy youth measuring his chest size with a tape - weight loss
Modern Indian male cheerfully typing messages on his smartphone - active lifestyle
Sprain/injury on athlete's hand - Painful expression. Indian sportsman, Indian boxer
Indian male IT professional down important points during a virtual meeting - WFH (Work from home)
Confident female talking to clients online during winters - work from home