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Girl cutting week columns from the paper calendar sheet of January 2023 - school project, school work, work schedule, work planning
A serious Indian writing on a piece of paper - education concept, nighttime study, college assignment
A single mother and her school-aged daughter reading an interesting book together - storybook, literature, picnic
Beautiful Indian woman in traditional wear with a burning oil lamp - Diwali festival
A village farmer taking his daughter to school - Beti bachao beti padhao, girl child education, government school child
A middle-aged villager helping his daughter in her studies - Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, girl child education
Shot of an Indian girl wearing ethnic clothes studying for her exams - girl's education, beti bachao beti padao
A rural Indian girl with braided hair sitting alone in the field and studying for her exam - education and literacy, Indian village, girl education, beti bachao, beti padao
A teenage village girl reading book while sitting on chaarpai - girl education, Beti Bachao Beti Padao, hardworking girl, Indian village
Indian village mother and daughter using a laptop - mother-daughter, new technology, modern family village
Closeup of a female artist wetting a painting brush to paint the canvas
Closeup of a woman completing an art work, school work, college assignment, dress design
Closeup shot of a female artist drawing a sketch using a pencil with a canvas kept on her table, passion
Indian young woman sketching a design for her next exhibition, study time, home work
A village girl is sweating while studying under the candle - poor family, hard work, lack of electricity, poor infrastructure
Indian woman preparing for her exams at home - Mid night studies, education, concentration, fresh coffee, coffee benefits
Young Indian girl working on her college assignment, college girl, night time study, writing on paper, education concept
Indian woman reading a book in her leisure time - book reading activity, lifestyle
Portrait of a young school-going girl making notes - studious child, lazy, sleepy during studies, late night study, girl child
Indian mother and daughter checking different places on a world map - world globe
A young lady on a phone call - helping her school-going girl with her studies, parent-child bonding, school assignments
A middle-aged male tutor teaching kids - knowledge and education, home tuition, home tutor, kids studying
Young Indian brother-sister studying together while sitting at the dining table - knowledge and education
Middle-aged man teaching his daughter - school assignments, holiday homework, parenting
Cute Indian siblings doing their homework / studying with their mother at home - parent-child bonding, school assignments
An Indian father teaching his young school-going son - helping with homework - happy parenting
A sweet adorable girl studying with her father - happy parenting, togetherness and relationship, Indian single father
An attractive Indian female attending online classes while using her smartphone - study from home, distant education, foreign education