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Grey-haired Indian teacher teaching school kids how to draw on blackboard - drawing class, government school
Beautiful young Indian girl studying - mother making sweater through crocheting, sincere girl, college going, village home, sitting on floor
A beautiful young Indian using laptop with her grandma - dadi: success, happiness, topper girl
Slow motion of female hands putting black thread in needle hole
Artistic woman painting with watercolors - artist, poster colors, watercolor sketch, landscape painting
Indian man using legs and hammer to give shape to a vessel - steel utensil, hardworking laborer, metal craftsman, ethnic cookware
Indian man making patterns on cloth with hand-carved stamp - Rajasthani block printing, hand made wooden blocks, textile printing
Skilled Indian artisan using dyed blocks to print fabric - block printing, Rajasthani art, ethnic fashion, handmade stamps
Closeup shot of an Indian man carving wood for block printing - Rajasthani cloth printing technique, traditional method
Skilled Indian factory worker cutting a wooden block - wood cutting machine, Indian craftsmanship
Indian craftsman stabilizing wooden piece for carving process - manual wood fitting tool, traditional handicraft, Tarkashi technique
Closeup shot of Indian craftsman creating motifs on wood - traditional carving method, Tarkashi technique, antique architecture
Young Indian woman shopping for handicrafts at a street market - handicraft market, mela, artisan work
A beautiful Indian woman choosing wooden chess set in the bustling Indian market - Indian fair, Surajkund mela, traditional wooden crafts
An Rajasthani artist making Tarkashi designs on a wooden box - local art, dying art
A craftsman is carving beautiful design on a wood box - wood carving, Indian craft, Rajasthani craft, making jewellery box
An Indian artist makes Tarkashi inlay art - putting brass wire into the carved wood, Rajasthani art work
Sewing machine needle pierces the fabric making a joint with yellow thread - sewing a fabric
Alleppey, Kerala / March 2022 - Indian male tailors work on a sewing machine - Indian labourers, dressmakers, urban poor, roadside tailor
Mysore, Karnataka, India, April/2020 - View from the window of Mysore palace - Buildings, monuments, heritage, old fort, heritage property
A village lady doing hand embroidery on a wooden frame - skill based work, lower middle class, earning hobby
Indian village lady is knitting woollen clothes with knitting yarn - working housewife, part-time hobby
Girl cutting week columns from the paper calendar sheet of January 2023 - school project, school work, work schedule, work planning
Pretty Indian woman drawing an abstract in her leisure time - hobby activity, Indian girl, working professional, making portrait
Beautiful Indian girl selecting a shade of pencil to color the abstract art on her table, working female, college assignment, female architect, female artist
Closeup of a female artist wetting a painting brush to paint the canvas
Closeup of a woman completing an art work, school work, college assignment, dress design
Closeup of a female shading an abstract art of a bowl, creative concept