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Creative Man / boy making bird origami with an orange craft paper
Shot of women / female / girl embroidering with blue thread on fabric
A women / female putting the blue colour thread in a needle
Closeup shot of women / female doing embroidery stitch on a white cloth
A woman putting a thread in the sewing machine needle
Girl making a beautiful embroidery design on a cloth piece
Creative young Indian girl drawing her next designs for exhibition
A labourer / worker sealing the joints of brass metal utensils in his workshop
Young fashion designer drawing sketches for her new fashion range
Beautiful shiny wooden decoration piece kept with black background
Tarkashi - Craftsman creating the design on a piece of wood with calipers compass
Tarkashi - Man hammering brass wire into the carved wood
Tarkashi - Craftsman incising the design into the wood with a small chisel and hammer
The process of making tarkashi design on wood in Rajasthan
Tarkashi - Shot of worker giving finishing touch by scrubbing the piece of wood
Tarkashi - A craftsman making the design on a wooden box with a pencil
Tarkashi - A craftsman carving the design into a hard block of wood
Block Printing - Indian artisanal carver creating a wood block stamp
Block Printing - Man wood-carving printing block stamp for textile design
Man carving a beautiful floral design for a wooden block printing
Block Printing - A craftsman carving design to make a wooden stamp
Pan shot of Rajasthani footwear for women
Block Printing - Handmade block printing in the textile industry
Block printing - Printing of cloth with carved wooden blocks
Block Printing - A worker dips the block into the trays of yellow colored dye
Block Printing - A man adding red fabric dye on the tray
A skilled worker is brazing the metal
Embroidery - Shot of Indian woman / female stitching lazy daisy stitch in white cloth