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Festival Stock Video Footage At Knot9

Zoom out shot of multicolor Gulal with traditional Gujiya in a blurred background
A sack of dark green naturally made Gulal dropping on a wooden surface
Bright pink color Gulal dropping on a heap of organic powder dry Holi colors
Handmade greeting card to wish Holi dropping on mixed Gulal (Holi colors)
Zoom in shot of multicolor Gulal / Abeer spread against a white background
Multicolor Gulal (Holi colors) in metallic bowls to celebrate the Holi festival
Marigold flowers dropping near handmade Holi greetings card and powder Gulal
Happy Holi greeting card kept along with Gulal wishing for the popular occasion
Organic Gulal with bright flower petals decorated on the occasion of Holi
Green and pink color Gulal / Abeer in clay pots decorated for Holi celebration
Colorful flower with Holi colors placed together on a floral decorated area
Holi festival celebration - Bright colored Gulal placed on a floral area
Happy couple applying Gulal on each other during traditional Holi celebration
Young Indian couple with multicolor Gulal on face hugging each other in a park during Holi party
Man smeared with Holi colors with sunglasses and winking at the camera
Indian guy smeared with multicolor Gulal folding his hands in Namaste gesture - Holi festival
Bold urban girl showing stop sign with hands during Holi festival celebration
Traditional Hindu girl joining her hands in Namaste gesture to greet on Holi
Indian lady with Gulal on the face with sunglasses during outdoor holi party
Carefree urban friends relaxing in the garden after celebrating the Holi festival
Two youngsters talking on their mobiles with their backs against each other - Holi Day
Friends making an online transaction using a bank card and laptop during Holi
Cute Indian couple applying Gulal on each others face while celebrating Holi
Cheerful man greeting people with a colorful present during Holi celebration
Lovely girl smeared with Gulal holding a colorful gift during Holi celebration
Smiling Indian couple with gulal on face posing for the camera - Indian festival Holi
Indian boy and girl wishing friends Holi on a video call - Holi festival party outdoors
Handsome Indian guy standing among the smoke of colorful Gulal in the air