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An unhappy married couple sitting and avoiding talking after a fight - martial problems
A handsome young man giving his beautiful wife a foot massage - relaxation, a tired housewife, Indian couple
A young girlfriend-boyfriend facing conflicts while living in a live-in relationship - a couple lifestyle
A charming young man with her beautiful wife- surprise gift, auspicious occasion, love and affection, birthday gift, anniversary gift
A happy modern couple talking on a video call while sitting together on a sofa - distant communication, internet connection
A smiling Indian couple posing together for the camera in their living room - a modern lifestyle, photogenic
A beautiful lady in a sleeveless top gives a toothy smile while posing for the camera - a modern lifestyle, relaxation
A well-dressed young man with a beard smiling confidently for the camera - good-looking, a modern lifestyle
A cheerful Indian husband-wife together at their home - a romantic couple, togetherness and bonding
A young happy couple sitting on a comfortable sofa and watching television together - boyfriend and girlfriend, fun and entertainment
A happy Indian couple sitting in their living room and browsing mobile phones - mobile addiction, marriage problem
A handsome young man and his little daughter playing a video game - leisure time, gaming console, nuclear family
An Indian husband-wife and their little daughter playing building blocks - happy parenting, nuclear family, caring young parents
A loving husband pampering his pretty wife by giving her a wonderful gift - a surprise gift, relationship problems
A single father and his cute little daughter playing with building blocks - single parent, parenting, child development
A bearded young man and his adorable daughter playing chess - board game, fun activity, parenting, indoor game
Attractive Indian husband-wife playing a game of carrom together - celebration, Indian couple
A little girl watching her favorite program on television with her parents at home - fun and entertainment, happy parenting
A modern Indian couple playing a board game at home - playing chess, indoor game, young couple
A cheerful Indian couple and their cute daughter playing carrom together - a carrom board, indoor sport
An Indian housewife and her little daughter resting together on a comfortable sofa - mother-daughter bonding, a short nap
A caring Indian father helping his little daughter in completing her holiday homework - father-daughter bonding, leisure time
A young supporting Indian father helping his family - modern-day parenting, caring husband - household chores, laundry, mother-daughter bonding
A sweet Indian girl playing with her father - office work, work from home, irritated father, businessman, Bonding with kids
A sweet little girl hugging her parents sitting together in the living room - relationship and bonding, parenting, young Indian parents
A sweet little girl giving a warm hug to her affectionate mother - parent-child bonding, love and affection, young Indian mother
An Indian schoolgirl hugging her father - father-daughter bonding, love and affection
A newly married couple browsing on a mobile phone in their living room - social media, good life