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Footage of a old woman sleeping on bed, husband puts a blanket on her and turns off the light
Indian woman making roti in chulah / mud firewood for her family
Stock footage of Indian wedding ritual
Traditional Indian couple sitting together during their wedding ceremony
Indian wedding ritual - Bride and Groom holding each others hand
Beautiful traditional Indian bride getting ready for her wedding
Closeup shot of a makeup artist applying lipstick to the bride on her wedding day
Closeup shot of beautiful traditional bridal jewelry set
Pan shot of gorgeous Indian traditional wedding jewelry
Back view of gambler checking his bunch of cards before the game begins
A single round of show of card by both the opponents playing a game of cards
Card Game - Winner claiming amount after winning from opponent in the game of cards
Players showing their cards on table one by one
Shot of scattered deck of cards and Indian rupee banknotes
Close up of playing cards with Indian Rupee Banknotes
Stock video of dentist explaining the procedure to a male patient in dentist room
The bride and groom at an Indian wedding making offerings of puffed rice and ghee to the holy fire
Shot of a makeup artist applying makeup on the Indian bride before the wedding
Stock video of an Indian groom putting sindoor / vermilion on beautiful brides forehead
Stock video of an Indian bride performing Hindu wedding ritual at her wedding
Indian stock video of newlywed Indian couple seeking blessings from their elders
Young friends talking and laughing together at a new year party
Young Indian men and women dancing and drinking at new year party
Group of Indian friends taking a selfie on new year party
Handsome young men enjoying new year party in a restaurant
Young Indian couple celebrating new year's eve together in a club
A group of friends counting new year countdown and wishing each other
HD video of new year celebration by a group of cheerful young Indian friends in a restaurant