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Portrait of a young Punjabi gentleman trying to fix the pleats of his turban
Portrait of a mature Sikh gentleman fixing his turban by pleating the ends
Portrait of a young Punjabi man pleating his blue turban while looking in the mirror
Portrait of a bold Indian Punjabi man fixing his blue turban with a long steel hairpin
A Sikh gentleman fixing his blue turban while looking confidently to the mirror
Portrait of a happy North Indian man smiling while twisting his mustache
Portrait of a Sikh Indian gentleman getting ready while looking into the mirror
Portrait of Punjabi businessman straightening his coat's collar while getting ready
Portrait of an Indian Punjabi gentleman getting ready while wearing a blue turban
Frustrated Indian girl screaming at someone while looking towards the camera
Beautiful female dancer enjoying her ballet dance practice at her dance studio
Graceful Indian dancer happily practicing ballet dancing in the living room
Long shot of a young graceful ballerina practicing ballet in her dance studio
Attractive Indian sportswoman doing a stability workout on a blue exercise ball
Attractive Indian sportswoman demonstrating exercises using a gym/fitness ball
A beautiful young girl performing side stretches while sitting on a wooden floor
Attractive Indian sportswoman doing abs workout at home for a healthy lifestyle
An attractive Indian sportswoman practicing leg raises around an exercise ball
Flexible Indian girl demonstrating Dhanurasana (bow pose) on a fitness mat
Attractive female athlete performing Halasana (plow pose) on a blue yoga mat
Indian female happily chanting Gayatri Mantra during meditation on a yoga mat
Attractive Indian yogini practicing Prasarita Padottanasana on a blue yoga mat
Energetic young trainer demonstrating Zumba dance moves in her fitness studio
Slow-motion shot of a young sportswoman happily doing a Zumba dance workout
Attractive female athlete happily doing fitness dance moves in casual sportswear
Attractive Indian sportswoman demonstrating Zumba exercises in her fitness studio
Young female trainer energetically doing Zuma exercises in her fitness studio
Young female trainer energetically performing fitness dance in sports clothing