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Textile Industry - Closeup shot of the yarn creel spool passing through automatic machine
Textile Industry - Shot of workers passing threads into the heddles before weaving the fabric
Cute young kid making a video call using smartphone
Pan shot of thread spools in a textile factory
Shot of an automatic machine manufacturing thread
Pan shot of thread spools in a textile factory
Cute little Indian boy watching a cartoon on the smartphone in his dark bed room
Shot of an automatic machine carrying packed thread spool
Pan shot of female scrolling her smartphone with the green screen
Close up shot of a printer printing out papers
Indian call center employee / operator smiles at the camera
Shot of a woman playing video game on the green screen smart phone
A girl preparing her official notes standing near the staircase of her office
Green Screen - A woman scanning pictures gallery on her new smartphone
Green Screen Shoot - A female tapping and scrolling her smartphone
Businesswoman typing on a smartphone with green screen
A woman enjoying music video and movie on her smartphone with green screen
Female using smartphone mobile with green screen - scrolling and tapping the touchscreen
A female scrolling and clicking a smartphone with the green screen
A female enjoying music / watching movie on smart phone (green screen)
A female watching video on her smartphone (With green screen)
Woman using a smartphone with the green screen on wooden table ( scrolling, tapping the screen)
Female holding and using the smartphone with green screen (Scroll, Pinch)
Shot of a female scrolling images through green screen pages on her phone
Girl using a cell phone with the green screen (tapping, scrolling, massaging)
Woman / female using a smartphone (Scroll, Pinch, Click) with green screen on a wooden table
Woman scrolling the mobile phone screen with green screen
Woman scrolling her mobile, zoom in and out in the green screen