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A factory worker using angle electric grinder at a workshop in India
Shot of a man working on grinding machine at an industry unit in India
A worker welding two metal pieces in a factory
Shot of an Indian worker doing hammer job at a workshop
Two hardworking Indian workers polishing the industrial metal with grinder at a workshop
Metal cutting saw cutting a thin metal piece in factory
Fire flames during the metal grinding process in an industrial unit in India
A worker in gloves cutting metal pieces with the grinder at the factory
A worker is heating the molds for metal casting with a blowtorch
Free video of workers working in a factory unit in India
An Indian worker cleaning the metal surface with knife in an industry
Clip of a lathe machine in action - Chipping off the metal
A worker adjusting the machine before he starts the work
Shot of a worker working on a lathe machine
Hardworking worker operating the lathe machine in the plant
Shot of an old lathe machine working in an industry
Closeup Shot of an Industrial worker operating machine industry
Closeup shot of a tool cutting metal at a factory in India
A machine operator operates on old lathe machine
A man smiling while at work in an industrial area
A man holding the gear of the machine in the factory
An Indian man smiling while working in the factory
Shot of a drilling machine in action in a factory
An industrial worker is putting water on a drilling machine tip to cool it off
A serious Indian worker is working on a lathe machine
The worker working manually at lathe machine in workshop
Textile Industry - Closeup shot of the yarn creel spool passing through automatic machine
Textile Industry - Shot of workers passing threads into the heddles before weaving the fabric