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Close up shot of young loving partners holding each other's hands, young man and a woman holding hands, green screen
Indian young couple scrolling on their smartphone in their leisure time on a green screen, cell phone addiction
A beautifully dressed woman opens the envelope of money and talks on phone -Festival, Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, banknotes, Indian currency
A beautiful young Indian girl is talking on the phone and opening her gift - festival presents, Indian Festival, Raksha Bandhan, Diwali gift, traditional Indian dress
A beautiful Indian woman playing mobile games and is excited, victory gesture, mobile gaming
Indian young woman overjoyed with the successful winning of bids - success concept, motivation, celebration
Indian young woman tying and chatting on phone at home - leisure time, casual wear
Indian village farmer talking on a mobile phone while his wife cleans food grain. Indian agricultural field in the background, village life
Mid-Age Indian farmer couple talking on a video call while using a mobile phone. Online video, distant communication, new technology
Indian village farmer couple using a mobile phone while sitting at agricultural farm-the concept of relationship bonding
An old Indian lady browsing her smartphone - online chatting, social media, a modern lifestyle
An Indian woman is browsing on a tablet - digital device, serious woman, late night screen use, eye strain, screen addiction
An Indian housewife and her sweet daughter watching an online video on a mobile - fun and entertainment, screen addition, kids' habit
A cheerful housewife and her little daughter watching a funny online video on a tablet - screen addition, night time routine, sleep time
A middle-aged Indian husband-wife and young kids - Happy Indian family, video call, online communication
A middle-aged angry Bengali female shouting and yelling on a video call - freaking out, stressed
Young siblings making a video call during the festive season in the living room - Rakshabandhan celebrations
A modern Muslim woman wearing a traditional attire doing online shopping - internet connection, ATM card, a modern lifestyle
A beautiful Indian lady making a video call at home during the festive season - distant communication, modern lifestyle
A beautiful girl with long black hair talking on a video call - distant communication, internet connectivity, social media
A young college student making a call while using her mobile in the living room - leisure time
Two young girls watching phones - internet, texting, teenager, internet addiction
An attractive woman in her thirties talking on her phone - relaxing on a rocking chair, free quality time
A married rural housewife doing a Namaste gesture while talking on a video call - Village lady portrait
Beautiful Indian mother and her cute son talking on a video call - modern technology
Happy village mother and her young daughter using a smartphone together - parenting, happy family, love and care
A government employee instructing a village lady for a government scheme - modern village family, government policy, insurance policy
A middle-aged woman and her little daughter learning a new technology together