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A woman playing a video game with green screen on the smartphone
Shot of a woman using her smartphone (Scroll, Zoom, Pinch) with the green screen
Shot of a woman / female watching videos in green screen on her cellphone
A female watches movie on her smartphone with green screen
Indian female at home watching videos in green screen smartphone
A woman typing and using her smartphone with green screen
Closeup shot of worker pulling threads through the heddles
Slow motion shot of a corrugation machine at work in an industrial area
Black yarn spools running on the machine in textile factory
A man working on a machine in the textile factory
Yarn creel spools getting packed in an automatic machine in textile factory
Close shot of machines at work in a textile factory
Production of thread with machinery and equipment at a textile factory
Robot making a carton box at a textile factory unit
Fabric production at an automatic textile factory
Shot of empty spools getting collected in a textile factory unit
Attractive Indian woman attending a customer complaint call at the call center
Young Indian customer service / call center representative smiles at the camera
Closeup shot of cardboard cutting paper with guillotine paper cutting machine
Shot of cardboard sheet passing through pasting machine
Shot of workers collecting cardboard sheets and pilling it up
Shot of cutting cardboard with four bar rotary cutting and creasing machine
Closeup shot of a worker working on a cardboard slitting machine
Wide shot of the machine cutting cardboard textured paper roll
Closeup shot of carton being stapled with machine in cardboard factory
Closeup shot of stapling the carton with staples in card factory
Shot of a machine producing textured paper sheet in a factory unit
Shot of a worker leveling the heap of coal in the furnace