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Young Indian father and his daughter watching funny videos online, Technology invasion, Mobile addiction
Happy brother and sister waving their hands while talking on a video call
A young Indian girl greeting with a hello gesture while talking on an online call
Happy siblings using a tablet / smartphone together at home - bonding and relationship
A modern couple talking to their relatives on an online video call - distant communication
Cheerful teenage girl wearing a beautiful gold necklace talking on her mobile
Portrait of a smiling young man showing thumbs-up gesture on a video call
A handsome man in a black T-shirt and blue jeans clicking a selfie on his mobile
A handsome guy in a black T-shirt and jeans waving while making a video-call
A cheerful Indian guy messaging using his smartphone while relaxing at home
Handsome male showing things to his little daughter on a laptop sitting outdoors
Handsome Indian father and his little girl scrolling their smartphone in the park
Pretty young Indian woman browsing the internet on mobile - modern technology
Lady's hand connecting earphone cable to listen to soothing music during work
Word "TIME" with plastic letters written on an official work station - time management
Office desk with hourglass, laptop, eyeglasses, and compass - time is money
A pair of eyeglasses and sticky notes kept on the laptop on the office table - Work from home table
Female hands keeping a green screen chroma key device on a lined notebook - Home office work table
Pen dropping near a green screen chroma key device placed on a notepad - Work table
Woman's hands typing on a laptop keyboard and making notes in the notebook - Work from home
Woman's hand keeping a cup of black coffee on her work station - home office
Female hands typing on a device with a green screen sitting at her work desk
Loving village couple taking their selfie while sitting in a green agricultural area
Rural Indian farmer doing payment using ATM card on his laptop - online transaction
Educated Indian farmer learning new things on a laptop - modern technology
Confident Indian villager talking on mobile sitting near an agricultural area
A bearded farmer sitting inside his green farm while talking on mobile
Overjoyed elderly Indian woman in front of a webcam while making a video call