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An Indian traditional woman in a blue saree posing for the camera - sitting in the tractor, modern technology, farmer development
Bank employee with the old farmer's family - tractor purchase, Krishi Yojana, emergency loan, farmer loan
An Indian farmer doing online KYC for tractor loan - bank employee, insurance agent, rich farmer, Indian agriculture system
A village family posing for the camera with their car keys - future investment, car purchase, travel, prosperity
An Indian village woman excitedly using the mobile phone - independent woman, rural development, modern villagers
An Indian married woman smiling and talking on the phone at home - independent village woman, modern villagers, rural life
A portrait of an Indian village woman sitting on a tractor and smiling at camera - driving, rural life, village lifestyle
Indian villager feels proud and poses with his tractor - progressive farmer, rich farmer, agricultural advancement, evolution
Handing over farm tractor keys to the old village man - tractor loan, buying trctor, buying new home, home keys
Desi Indian farmer talking on phone in his field - village lifestyle, labor, unskilled labor, looking for work
Desi young Indian farmer using smartphone on field - modern agriculture, technology usage in rural area, slaves of technology
Young educated villager teaching grey-haired farmer - modern agriculture, tab, technology in village, advanced farming
Young Indian girl teaching the easy use of a credit card to her grandmother mother - technology, technological advancement
An old lady and her daughter using laptop together - technology in rural area, insurance agent, government schemes, nari shakti
Modern villagers discussing cultivation plans in a wheat field - agriculture, farming, farmers, checking farm subsidy
A young educated man with the farmer - learning use of technology, modern ways of agriculture, laptop, advanced farming, loan agent
A young educated male with an old farmer - modern agricultural practices, better quality of crops, insurance agent, agri consultant
Portrait of a happy Asian gamer winning - adrenaline rush, betting, online gaming addiction, alternative careers, new age jobs
Middle-aged man using smartphone in free time post workout - time pass, fat man, losing weight
An Indian man listening and vibing to a song in the playground - relax-position, healthy-lifestyle, tired after workout
Closeup shot of a fatty Indian man listening to songs in his free time in a park -relaxing after morning walk
Portrait shot of an Indian man slowly smiling - dental checkup, white teeth, smile makeover
Focusing on a computer monitor with green chroma screen with free ad space for inserting videos - green screen
A professional Indian gamer addicted to playing online video games - interior gaming setup at home
Young Indian gamer playing online video game - professional gaming, gaming headset, neon
A professional Indian gamer puts on headphones and starts playing virtual video games in home setup
A professional Indian gamer relaxing after a long virtual playing session - leisure activity, relax, chill, refreshing
A young indian man focused on a computer with green chroma key screen - free ad space, video insert, green screen