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Customer paying money by scanning QR code at the medical shop - cashless payment, contactless transaction, secure payment system
Pan shot of pharmacist noting down the order on mobile phone - retail medical store, business communication, online order, pharmacy
Close-up shot of kirana merchant busy on mobile phone at the grocery store - small business, shop next door, India
Kirana shop owner taking orders from the customer over mobile phone - small business, home delivery services, 10 minute delivery, online ordering
Shot of an attractive young woman using a smartphone at home - excessive use of phone, harmful effects of phone
Beautiful Indian woman using hand gestures to control a virtual screen - using a smartphone, wireless communication
A young girl is using her smartphone to shop online - bank credit card, debit card, online shopping, digital payment
Happy Asian girl playing video Games on TV - Joyful gaming session, playstation, advanced games, gaming addiction, adrenaline rush
Young excited woman holding mobile phone and Indian rupee banknotes after winning the lottery, financial freedom, celebration
Asian young beautiful woman playing mobile games on smartphone at home - cellphone, game and streaming, digital entertainment
Shot of beautiful Indian girl struggling with network problem at home - network issues, internet problem
A beautiful young Indian woman transferring data from one smartphone to another - comparing smartphones
Live candlestick charts on mobile screen - cryptocurrency market, betting, day trading, equity analysis
A young Indian female buying vegetables from an online grocery store - convenience, online shopping, modern retail, 10 minute delivery
A beautiful excited young Indian girl playing video games - wireless controller, playing on tv, wireless remote
A young Indian woman playing a game on her smartphone - white background, mobile entertainment
Closeup shot of a woman using a vegetable ordering app on a smartphone - online shopping, buying healthy organic food
Closeup shot of ordering vegetables online - using the delivery mobile app, quick commerce, 10-minute delivery
An upset Indian woman experiencing bad network service from telecom operator - poor mobile signal, teenager, mobile addiction
Energetic Indian woman talking with friend on video call - virtual conversation, chatting with friend, gossiping
Indian woman walks inside empty elevator - apartment complex, lift control panel at mall, business centre, hotel
Young Indian woman using phone in a park - smiling, laughing, digital communication, overuse of phones
Sewing machine needle pierces the fabric making a joint with yellow thread - sewing a fabric
Indian women posing for a selfie in the mirror on the occasion of Diwali - South Indian festival, Sister's love, Indian siblings
Indian siblings watching a live cricket match on television - praying for team victory in tense moments, cricket fans, India losing
Two young brothers checking the live cricket score - placing online bets, Indian cricket teams, sports app, online gaming addiction
Excited young Indian man with long hair wearing cricket jersey, watching cricket match on tv, excitement
An Indian man in a blue cricket jersey watching a live cricket match on TV or television - cricket fever, World Cup series