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A beautiful lady clicking a photo while standing in her modern kitchen using a mobile
Screen view - Young friends talking on a video call during the Covid-19 pandemic
Two distance friends talking on video call while one of them introduces his wife
Screen view of young college friends happily talking over a virtual video chat
Young office colleagues discussing the new project on a video conference call
Two young female colleagues planning things over a virtual video chat via laptop
Screen view of two businesswomen discussing their business plans on a video call
Young female colleagues doing a virtual meeting while working from a home office
Group of five distance friends chatting and laughing over a virtual video chat
Screen view of Indian business associates busy doing a virtual office meeting
A happy young woman holding a phone in hands and typing messages while drinking tea/coffee
An old village woman using mobile to talk - Use of technology in the village life
Young brother and sister happily watching movies in the darkness - lifestyle kids
Cute brother and sister are frightened while viewing something unbelievable - Screen Time
Indian siblings watching a movie on the laptop in the darkroom - Screen time. Screen Addiction
Cute siblings playing games on their mobiles while sitting together in the bedroom - Phone Addiction
Siblings happily playing games on mobiles where the sister is unhappy to lose
Elderly grandma busy talking on a mobile phone against a rural background
Old Indian grandmother happily talking to her relatives using her smartphone
Two little grandsons with their granny waving during a video chat in a village
Fresh and pure water coming out of an agricultural tube well for irrigation
Indian worker putting the pieces of cardboard into the automatic cutting machine
Indian worker pilling up the cardboard from the four-bar rotary cutting machine
Educated Indian farmer learning new things on a laptop - technology concept
Handsome Indian villager doing card payment via laptop - online shopping concept
Portrait of a Sikh Indian businessman busy typing message on his smartphone
Portrait of a Sikh Indian businessman taking a selfie showing victory sign
Portrait of a Sikh Indian businessman happily talking on a smartphone