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The molten metal is poured into the molds from a ladle in a iron and steel plant
Molten metal being poured in moulds for final product
Workers taking out hot metal pieces from the furnace at a workshop
Worker polishing metal with grinder - sparks coming out in process
Grinding and smoothing of a metal in a factory - Fire sparks in process
A worker wearing gloves smoothing the uneven metal block with grinding machine
Shot of a worker wearing a helmet and gloves is working with gas welding using copper brazing rod
A labor polishing industrial metal with a machine in India
A skilled laborer welds with brazing torch on metal at an industry
Shot of a woman wearing bangles hammering the metal piece at a workshop in India
Shot of a man cleaning the extra wax/ grease from the metal
A middle-aged Indian worker welding metal at a factory
A worker welding at the metal factory in India
Shot of metal cutting with an electrical grinder with fire sparks
Hardworking worker working at a metal industry in India
Middle aged labour in an industrial unit in an Indian factory
A factory worker using angle electric grinder at a workshop in India
Shot of a man working on grinding machine at an industry unit in India
A worker welding two metal pieces in a factory
Shot of an Indian worker doing hammer job at a workshop
Two hardworking Indian workers polishing the industrial metal with grinder at a workshop
Metal cutting saw cutting a thin metal piece in factory
Fire flames during the metal grinding process in an industrial unit in India
A worker in gloves cutting metal pieces with the grinder at the factory
A worker is heating the molds for metal casting with a blowtorch
Free video of workers working in a factory unit in India
An Indian worker cleaning the metal surface with knife in an industry
Clip of a lathe machine in action - Chipping off the metal