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Medium shot of an Indian woman from a village removing stones from uncooked rice
An old Indian woman from a village cleaning rice using a bamboo rice-cleaner
Medium shot of a woman cutting her favorite vegetables before cooking
Close up shot of a woman's hand cutting vegetables using an Indian knife
Close up shot of a woman's hand-chopping green capsicum to prepare a salad
A portrait of a beautiful young woman making and serving fresh fruit juice
A happy Indian woman chatting on a smartphone while cooking inside her kitchen
Portrait of a young Indian girl - happy to taste the noodles prepared by her
A young lady inside her modern kitchen pours some oil in the pan before cooking
A pretty woman concentrating and making Indian bread in a modern kitchen
Close up shot of an adult woman's hand making fresh chapatis in her kitchen
Portrait of a young woman who is very satisfied with her cooking in her kitchen
A young Indian woman with a happy face smells the food made by her in a kitchen
A young lady making chapati (Indian bread) in the kitchen at her home during summers
A pretty woman wearing an apron puts effort to open an oil container while cooking
A portrait of a lady cooking inside a kitchen where she smells her food and adds spices
Closeup shot of a handsome Indian boy drinking a glassful of milk at home
Closeup shot of an attractive little girl drinking a glassful of milk at home
Adorable little siblings playfully teasing each other while having their breakfast
Close-up shot of a small adorable boy drinking a glass of milk at his home
Portrait shot of a beautiful young female happily eating delicious chocolate spread
Closeup shot of woman hands washing tomatoes and capsicums in a basket strainer
Woman hands slicing tomato and capsicum using a knife on a chopping board
Medium shot of a beautiful Indian girl peeling cucumber in the kitchen at home
Medium shot of beautiful Indian female chopping vegetables in the kitchen
Medium shot - Cute young girl enjoying a slice of mango while sitting on a table
Closeup shot of a pretty young child adorably eating a slice of mango at home
Cute little girl happily eating the slices of a yummy watermelon at the dining table