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India Food Stock Footage At Knot9

A pile of yellow juicy lemons kept together on a table - tropical healthy fruit
Big ice cubes falling in a glass of fresh soda / tonic water with lemon slices
Lemon slices falling in refreshing soda tonic water inside a transparent glass
Refreshing soda tonic fizzy water is being poured in a transparent glass
Big ice cubes dropping in a glass of citrus refreshing lemonade placed on a table
Tasty and healthy lime water flavored with mint leaves in a transparent glass
Water falling inside a glass half-filled with a refreshing lemon juice
Lemon slice splashing in cold water - cool refreshing summer drinks
Plenty of white chickpeas / Kabuli Chana being scattered all over - healthy food
Female hands taking a bite of healthy sprouted salad with a spoon - tasty food
Boiled chickpeas salad with chopped onions and tomatoes on a white table
Sprouted chickpeas salad mixed with chopped onions, tomatoes, and chilies
Two lemon slices falling inside a bowl of sprouted chickpeas salad mixed with onions
Two bowls of chickpeas salad mixed with onions and tomatoes - nutritious food
Chopped onions and tomatoes falling in a bowl of boiled chickpeas - tasty food
A gunny bag full of white chickpeas falling on a white table - protein-rich food
Sliced lemon falling inside a bowl of sprouted chickpea mixed for salad
Freshly chopped tomato and onion dropping inside a bowl of sprouted grams
Dried raw chickpeas falling from a gunny bag on a white table - healthy food
Source of protein for a vegan healthy diet - nutritious sprouted chickpeas
A lemon slice falling in a bowl of Indian traditional homemade sprouts mix
Fresh green peppermint leaf falling on sprout salad mixed with tomatoes and onions
Fresh green mint leaves dropping on a bowl of sprouts salad - nutritious food
Female hands squeezing fresh lime juice into sprouts mixed with onions
Chopped onions and tomatoes falling in a colorful bowl full of green sprouts
Sprouts out of green Moong Dal rich in protein falling in a ceramic bowl
A delicious pizza loaded with cheese, corn, and olives kept on a turntable
Crushed red chili is being sprinkled for preparing a healthy vegetarian pizza