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India Food Stock Footage At Knot9

Various lentils/Dal separated by dried red chilies set on a table - protein-rich source
Woman's hand keeping a transparent bowl with Indian whole spices on various lentils
Rich protein source - Collection of lentils/dals/pulses in jute bags kept with powdered spices
Gunny bag/jute sack full of dried whole spices falling on a wooden table with lentils
Female's hand keeping a bowl of cumin powder/Jeera with different Dals and spices
A spoonful of Sabut Urad Dal kept with other lentils with whole and powdered spices
Sabut Urad(black), Chana(yellow), Moong(green), Masoor(red) pulses kept with spices
Raw pulses falling from gunny bag in front of wooden containers with Dal/lentils
Different Dal/lentils in containers with whole spices and red chilies kept together
Various colorful raw dal/lentils kept in separate places against a white background
Masoor dal/red lentils dropping from a jute sack near whole Indian spices/Masala
Delicious homemade Sooji Halwa served in a transparent bowl with a wooden spoon
A wooden spoon kept in a transparent bowl of Sooji Ka Halwa - Indian dessert
A spoonful of dry fruits garnished Sooji/semolina Halwa taken from a glass bowl
Popular Indian dishes Sooji Ka Halwa and Chana Masala kept together on a table
A small wooden spoon kept inside a bowl of traditional Indian Gajar Ka Halwa
Dry fruits dropping in a bowl with grated carrots and carrot pudding on a table
Female's hand taking a spoonful of Gajar Ka Halwa/carrot pudding from a bowl
A beautiful decorative bowl of Gajar Ka Halwa/carrot pudding kept with its ingredients
Bowl of freshly grated carrots kept with Gajar Ka Halwa garnished with dry fruits
Woman's hand adding dry fruits/Kaju to the freshly prepared Gajar Ka Halwa
Famous Indian spicy and sweet dishes kept together with their raw ingredients
Delicious Gajar Ka Halwa/carrot pudding topped with cashew nuts - Indian dessert
Traditional Gajar Ka Halwa with lots of cashew nuts simmering slowly in a frying pan
Stirring of Gajar Halwa/carrot pudding made with lots of Desi Ghee and dry fruits
Cooking of grated carrot for preparation of Indian sweet/dessert - carrot/Gajar Halwa
Preparation of popular Indian small black chickpea spicy fry in a home kitchen
Lady's hand sprinkling salt in the boiling Chana Masala gravy cooking in a frying pan