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India Food Stock Footage At Knot9

Hardworking Indian woman preparing chutney using a sil batta at home
Indian housewife making chutney using a stone grinder / sil batta
An Indian woman pounding bajra / pearl millet with iron mortar and pestle
Smiling woman sifting and cleaning rice at her home in a rural Indian village
Indian rural woman adding ingredients to prepare chutney in a stone grinder
Close up shot of egg cooking on hot pan
Close-up of a female cutting onion on a brown cutting board
Slow motion shot of a woman cutting tomatoes
Woman using a knife to cut spicy green chili on cutting board
A woman peeling a cucumber at a kitchen counter
Woman / female is cutting a cucumber with a knife
Closeup of woman / female cutting the red onion into slices on chopping board
Woman / female slicing green chili pepper on cutting board in the kitchen
Woman slitting and chopping green chili on a chopping board
Female cutting tomato with knife in kitchen
Woman chopping carrots into small pieces
Women chopping onion with a knife
Housewife beating / whisking an egg with a fork in a bowl
Woman beating / whisking an egg with chopped tomatoes, chilies and onions in a bowl
Female / Woman cracking an egg in a bowl
Slow motion shot of black pepper being sprinkled on poached egg
Woman hand crack an egg and drop it into a pan
Pouring egg with onions, tomatoes, and chilies on frying-pan
Fresh omelette is getting cooked on a frying pan
Chef flip over omelette with wooden turner
Shot of freshly cooked omelette being served on a white plate
Pan shot of delicious fresh omelette prepared for breakfast at home
Shot of woman chopping ginger root on the cutting board