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Slow motion of a girl cutting off a piece of an apple
A girl hand pounding cloves in a stone mortar
Boiling water is poured into a glass mug with a tea bag
A man preparing and adding spices to raaita/raayta
Top view of a woman mixing mango and spices, a process of making achar/pickle
A chef mixing salt, turmeric, raw mango and spices for achar / pickle preparation
Assorted Indian sweets / mithai kept in a plate for Indian festival
Timelapse shot of green tea preparation in a transparent cup and saucer
A woman adding salt into raw mango with a spoon for pickle preparation
A woman transferring raw mango achar / pickle in a white ceramic pot
Shot of a woman tossing the pot full of raw mango pickle / achar
Woman chopping raw mangoes into pieces for pickle / achar
Woman adding turmeric into raw mango for pickle preparation
Woman transferring raw mango mixed with turmeric into a vessel
Woman transferring raw mango achar/pickle in a white ceramic pot
A woman covering mango pickle / achar jar with the lid
Slow motion shot of a women cutting the lemon into pieces
Shot of Indian woman mixing milk and flour to make the dough - Diwali sweets
Shot of a woman kneading the flour to make mithai / Indian Sweet - Diwali preparation
Shot of a woman preparing Indian sweet / mithai for Diwali - Indian festival
Fresh Indian sweet / mithai rotating on a plate for Diwali - Indian festival
Shot of a women roasting besan with ghee for ladoo in a pan (Indian Sweet for Festival)
Shot of a woman taking out the fried gulab jamun balls on a plate - Indian Sweet
Shot of a woman putting gulab jamun balls into the sugar syrup - Indian Sweet
Shot of a woman stirring the dough balls of gulab jamun (Indian Sweet) in a pan of hot oil
Shot of deep frying the dough balls of gulab jamun in a pan of hot oil - Indian Sweet
Indian Sweet - Shot of women taking out gulab jamun from hot oil
Shot of deep frying the dough balls of gulab jamun / Indian sweet in a pan of hot oil