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India Food Stock Footage At Knot9

Transparent straw dipped in a glass of kiwi fruit juice - a tasty drink for healthy diet
Citrus kiwi fruit slices against a white background - healthy food
Refreshing green kiwi fruit juice pouring into a transparent glass - cool summer drink
Vegan milk from nuts in a glass around various nuts on a wooden table - healthy protein drink
Ripe banana milkshake with various dry fruits pouring into a transparent glass - Healthy protein shake
Chunks of ripened juicy kiwi churning in a blender to make a refreshing drink - Kiwi smoothie
Cool fresh kiwi fruit juice in a transparent container against a white background
Female hand putting pieces of banana in hot oil for frying - food and nutrition. Banana chips making
Green ripened kiwi smoothie making process inside a blender - a refreshing drink
Making a kiwi fruit smoothie in a blender - refreshing drink for healthy living
Pouring of a green liquid into a blender to make a cocktail - cooling summer drink, Mocktails India
A slow motion of a refreshing banana drink made with milk and crystal sugar, Banana shake
Banana smoothie / banana shake with milk beating in a blender - healthy and refreshing drink
Human hand dropping crystal sugar in a mixer grinder with banana and milk - Summer drink India
Pouring of fresh milk in a blender with slices of banana to make a healthy smoothie - Summer drink India
Female hand peeling a banana, breaking into pieces, and putting in a blender - Summer drink India
Healthy nutritious yellow muskmelon/Kharabooja stocked up together for selling
Zoom out shot of a pile of beautiful yellow muskmelons - organic nutritious fruit
Freshly sliced muskmelon falling on a ceramic plate - healthy summer fruit
Sliced healthy orange muskmelon dropping / splashing inside a glass of juice - Summer drink India
Sliced yellow juicy Kharbuja kept on a ceramic plate rotating on a turntable - Summer fruit India
Pouring of healthy drink with fruit slices and ice cubes - nutritious food. Summer drink India
Two big ice-cubes falling / splashing inside a clear glass of muskmelon juice - Summer drink India
Pouring of muskmelon juice / drink in a mug with fruit slices and ice cubes - Summer drink India
Woman's hand keeping a glass of healthy Kharbuja extract on a white table - Summer drink India
Fresh yellow muskmelon juice / drink pouring in a clear glass - nutritious diet
Pouring of soda water with ice cubes and watermelon pieces in a clear glass
Slices of juicy watermelon falling in a porcelain bowl - tropical summer fruit