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Woman's hand dipping crispy samosa into tomato ketchup while having masala chai(tea)
Hands of a woman decorating samosa plate with a coriander leaf at home in India
Indian woman's hand putting a bowl of tomato sauce in a samosa plate - snack time
Closeup shot of a samosa plate rotating on a turntable while pouring ketchup - Indian snack
Closeup shot of apple juice poured into a transparent glass jug - healthy diet concept
Closeup shot of fresh apple juice in a glass jug or a container - healthy fruits diet
A glass of healthy apple juice with a basket of juicy apples in the background
Hands pouring homemade apple juice into a glass from a jug - ready to drink, healthy living
Hands of an Indian lady takes away the glass of apple juice - healthy fruit diet
Closeup shot of an Indian woman's hands keeping a glass of apple juice on a wooden table
A glass of fresh apple juice with red apples on a wooden table - healthy diet concept
A glass of healthy fruit juice with red juicy apples placed on a wooden table
Closeup shot of pouring apple fruit juice into a wine glass - healthy beverage
A basket of red juicy apples rotating clockwise on a turntable - healthy food concept
Pan shot of beautifully plated fresh samosas with a bowl of tomato sauce - fast food
Crispy and spicy samosas plated in a serving tray with tomato sauce in India
Closeup shot of a woman's hands serving delicious samosas - Indian street food
Still shot of pouring homemade apple juice into a glass jug or a container - healthy living
Overhead shot of beautifully plated samosas with tomato ketchup - Indian street food
Closeup shot of a roadside Halwai preparing the stuffing for samosa - Indian food
Closeup shot of pakoras (fritters) being prepared in hot oil for guests at the Indian wedding
Closeup shot of an Indian man grating the carrot to prepare Gajar Ka Halwa (Famous Sweet in India)
Preparation of Gajar Ka Halwa for the guests at an Indian wedding - closeup shot
A Halwai / Cook preparing Gajar Ka Halwa (Famous Indian Sweet) at an Indian wedding
Tilt shot of turmeric (Haldi) along with coriander (Dhania) powder in glass bowls - Indian Masalas
Closeup shot of Halwai cutting onions to prepare food for guests - Indian wedding
Hands of an Indian man chopping spinach to prepare food for a wedding party
Indian married couple spending quality time together while having lunch at home. Couple from India