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India Food Stock Footage At Knot9

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, April/2020 - People are spending their leisure time on the beach - Seashore, enjoyment, weekends
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, April/2020 - Man selling corn cob on Beach - Street, vendor, grilling
A pretty Indian girl with braided hair wishing people a Happy Holi with a traditional Gujiya - an Indian sweet, sweet delicacy, a tasty cuisine
Single parent feeding her newborn child with a spoon while sitting on the bed - ready-made food, formula feed
Delicious chocolate sponge cake filled with creamy layers rotating on a tray
Multicolored confetti falling / dropping on the delicious homemade cupcake
Confectioner decorating muffins for an occasion - party celebration, piping bag
Caramel / sugar syrup poured on freshly baked cupcakes decorated with tutti fruity
A professional baker decorating freshly baked cupcakes with white cream
Delicious muffins in paper molds being prepared at home - a sweet recipe
An Indian chef dusting powdered sugar over delicious chocolate cake
Caramel / maple syrup poured on a slice of chocolate pastry
A pastry chef squeezing chocolate frosting on a cream cake using a piping bag
Adding water to a mixture of sugar and butter at home
Extreme-closeup shot of particles of white refined flour falling through a steel sieve
A young Indian chef adding flour in a glass bowl for making cake batter
An Indian cook wearing a checked apron spreading fresh cream on a chocolate cake
A professional baker uses an electric blender to whip the fresh cream to make dessert
A rural housewife in traditional Saree cooking a vegetarian meal in the kitchen - Young girl learning to cut vegetables
A married village lady happily smelling the preserved pickle stored in the jar - Indian village home
A plate of oatmeal cookies and a cup of tea/coffee kept on the table
A caring granddad feeding potato wafers to his lovely grandson - tasty snacks
A cheerful boy having fun with puffed corns stuck in his fingers while standing outside
A young smart boy in casual clothes eating snacks eagerly while sitting outside
Female sieving refined flour on a baking tray
A baker whisking the grounded sugar and the butter to make a tasty dessert
Pouring cooking oil in a glass bowl - Indian kitchen
Preparation of a cake at a commercial bakery with a piping bag - business, confectionery