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India Food Stock Footage At Knot9

Small black Chana Sabzi/curry boiling in a non-stick pan - popular Indian recipe
Female's hand dropping cumin seeds/whole Jeera in a heated pan with cooking oil
Female preparing yummy Sooji/semolina Halwa/pudding - classic Indian sweet dish
Grated dry fruits and raisins being dropped on top of freshly prepared Sooji Halwa
Preparation of Indian sweet/dessert - Sooji/Suji/semolina Halwa in Desi Ghee
Female's hand mixing white refined sugar with Sooji/Suji/semolina Halwa/pudding
A bowl of refined sugar being added to a pan of boiling Halwa cooking on an electric stove
Frying Sooji/semolina in homemade Ghee to make delicious Halwa - food concept
Woman putting a bowl of homemade golden clarified butter/Ghee in a frying pan
Female's hand roasting Sooji/semolina in a non-stick frying pan to prepare Halwa
Portrait of a smiling youngster having an open sandwich for his breakfast
Indian male with headphone listening and rocking to music while preparing meals
A happy youngster with a ladle as mike to sing his favorite song while cooking
Young husband alone at home checking the recipe on mobile to cook his meal
Attractive home chef checking recipe on his smartphone before cooking
Smiling and young Indian chef preparing and checking his meal in the kitchen
Smart and smiling student tasting his food - home alone cooking
Indian cook making fresh chapatis on a gas stove using a tong - cooking concept
Closeup shot of a heap of wheat flour forming on a kitchen counter at home
Falling of wheat flour on a kitchen counter against a blurred kitchen background
Closeup shot - Making of fresh wheat Indian chapatis on a gas stove at home
Indian woman making fresh wheat chapatis on a gas stove in the home kitchen
Falling of wheat flour on a round wheat dough to make chapatis in the kitchen
Closeup of pouring freshly extracted mustard oil against a blurred background
Closeup shot of pouring fresh refined oil from a yellow cane used during cooking
Closeup shot of pouring fresh refined oil used for cooking food in the kitchens
Closeup shot - Making of the colorful vegetable dish/recipe in the home kitchen
Closeup shot of an Indian woman's hand adding cumin seeds (Jeera) in hot oil