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Map of India made with a blend of raw spices commonly used in cooking Indian food
Tilt shot of a pile of different raw vegetables on a kitchen mat - Fresh veggies
Blend of raw spices designed as a map of India on white background - closeup shot
Closeup shot of organic vegetables for a healthy lifestyle against the black background
Top view shot of different organic vegetables for eating healthy and dieting
Closeup shot of colorful vegetables in a bowl isolated against the black background
Fresh yellow, red, and green capsicums rotating on a turntable - black background
Bokeh shot of a delicious bowl of sweets on the occasion of Diwali - the festival of India
A tempting bowl of sweets placed on a turntable for Diwali celebration - Indian festival
A tempting bowl of sweets for Diwali celebration with decorated blur temple in the background
Top view of a decorated plate with Indian sweets on the occasion of Diwali - the festival of India
Closeup shot of mix mithai served in a beautiful silver tray on the festival of Diwali
The mixture of Indian raw spices in a vintage traditional grinding stone
Rotating shot of Indian traditional spices used in cooking delicious food of India
Pile of turmeric powder in a shiny white plate isolated over black background
Fresh roots of ginger with finely ground ginger powder - known as Adarak in Hindi
Finely ground ginger powder with fresh ginger roots - Indian ayurvedic spices
Fresh roots of ginger with dry ginger powder in a rotating white plate - healthy spices of India
Collection of Indian spices in a vintage wooden container - common spices produced in India
Top view shot of different Indian seasonings in a designer wooden container
Close up shot of Black salt powder with its raw crystal piece in a white plate - Indian mineral salt
Indian mother and son relationship and bonding - Young chef serving food to her mother
Young handsome kid happily eating ice cream with a cheerful ok gesture - lifestyle kids
Cute Indian boy sitting at his study table and having milk - healthy food concept
Young pretty girl happily playing with chocolate donuts against white background
Happy modern woman smiling and playing with donuts in casual clothing - leisure concept
Beautiful Indian girl eating yummy chocolate donuts isolated over white background
Young female doctor showing an apple with an OK gesture - white background