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India Food Stock Footage At Knot9

A street vendor deep frying Indian flatbread Paratha in hot oil
An Indian street hawker serving Kanji Vada / Wada in a glass
Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, India, 28th August 2021, A street vendor pouring milk into a Degchi
Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, India, 28th August 2021 - Roadside vendor making fresh tropical watermelon smoothie
A bowl of Garam Masala powder is placed with various other Indian spices
A sack full of star anise spice and powdered Jeera - Indian spices
Pan shot of turmeric powder, fenugreek leaves, and cumin powder - Indian spices
Exotic spice star anise falling out of gunny bag and cinnamon kept together
Exotic spices star anise and cinnamon kept on table
An attractive lady with black hair eating chips / wafers while watching television - Binge eating
Baby toddler feeding potato chips to her hungry mother - Spending quality time with kids
An affectionate Indian mother feeding a bowl of healthy breakfast to her child
Female dropping slices of corn, tomato, and cucumber into a bowl of Makhana - healthy snack
Female hand keeping Kulhad Chai with different flavors of Makhana for snacks
Female squeezing a fresh lime juice on a white ceramic plate with lotus seeds
Female hand keeping a plate of Makhana seasoned with cucumber, tomato, and corn
White lotus seeds / Gordon Euryale rotating on a turntable kept on a ceramic plate
Crispy lotus pop seeds falling inside an earthen pot full of Makhana - healthy snack
A few white fox nuts / Makhana falling on a heap beautifully placed on a table
A big ice cube dropped into a transparent glass with refreshing buttermilk
Beautiful red rose and its petals on a wooden table - Rose milk
A woman decorating a glass of delicious buttermilk with rose petals
A young woman sprinkling turmeric powder in milk - Doodh haldi, Turmeric latte
Two glasses of Chaas seasoned with cumin seeds and mint leaves rotating on a turntable
Buttermilk / Chaas pouring in a glass made of clay - a beautiful crockery
Buttermilk with Jeera is garnished with fresh mint leaves before drinking
Hungry Indian girl eating / tasting noodles at home - tasty food
Smiling woman in her early twenties eating a bowl of freshly prepared hot noodles