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A woman making Indian sweet / mithai for Diwali - Indian festival
Shot of besan ladoo / ladu prepared for Diwali (Indian Festival)
A bowl of bundi ladoo / ladu (Indian Sweet) prepared for Diwali (Indian Festival)
A bowl of gulab jamun (Indian Sweet) prepared for Diwali (Indian Festival)
A woman making besan ladoo (Indian Sweet) for Diwali (Indian Festival)
A women transferring washed lemons in a glass bowl
Pan shot of ready Indian pickles / achar kept in bottles for sale
A woman adding yellow mustard seeds / sarso / rai into the raw mango
Adding oil into jar full of raw mango pickle / achar
Women adding cut lemon into the transparent bowl for achar preparation
Shot of a woman adding oil into the raw mango mixed with spices for pickle / achar
Pan shot of ready mango pickles / achar kept in the ceramic pot
Slow motion shot of women washing lemons in a glass bowl
Women adding ajwain / carom seeds into lemon or nimbu pickle / achar
Adding mustard oil into the bowl of lemon and spices for making pickle / achar
A women transferring mango pickle / achar to a glass jar
Top view of a women mixing lemon and spices in a glass bowl for pickle / achar
A women pouring lemon nimbu achar / pickle in a glass jar
Shot of pouring masala of achar / pickle in a jar full of lemons
A women adding masala /spices in lemons for pickle / achar preparation
A women cutting the juicy lemon into pieces for Indian pickle / achar
A women chopping green chilies into pieces for pickle / achar preparation
An Indian women cutting and leaning the green chilies for pickle / achar preparation
Woman mixing raw mangoes and spices for preparing achar / pickle
Shot of adding mustard oil into a jar full of fresh mango pickle / achar
Closeup shot of mixing lemon and spices in a glass bowl for pickle
Topview shot of a women cutting lemon into pieces for pickle
Shot of pouring green tea into a transparent teacup