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Close-up of a female cutting onion on a brown cutting board
Slow motion shot of a woman cutting tomatoes
Woman using a knife to cut spicy green chili on cutting board
A woman peeling a cucumber at a kitchen counter
Woman / female is cutting a cucumber with a knife
Closeup of woman / female cutting the red onion into slices on chopping board
Woman / female slicing green chili pepper on cutting board in the kitchen
Woman slitting and chopping green chili on a chopping board
Female cutting tomato with knife in kitchen
Woman chopping carrots into small pieces
Women chopping onion with a knife
Housewife beating / whisking an egg with a fork in a bowl
Woman beating / whisking an egg with chopped tomatoes, chilies and onions in a bowl
Female / Woman cracking an egg in a bowl
Slow motion shot of black pepper being sprinkled on poached egg
Woman hand crack an egg and drop it into a pan
Pouring egg with onions, tomatoes, and chilies on frying-pan
Fresh omelette is getting cooked on a frying pan
Chef flip over omelette with wooden turner
Shot of freshly cooked omelette being served on a white plate
Pan shot of delicious fresh omelette prepared for breakfast at home
Shot of woman chopping ginger root on the cutting board
Pan shot of finely chopped and fresh ginger root kept on the table
Fresh organic ginger root being grated
Shot of whole garlic bulbs and a few cloves of garlic
Pan shot of garlic cloves on a black background
Shot of a woman transferring pieces of raw mango into a transparent bowl
Shot of kalonji / fennel flower being added into the raw mango