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India Food Stock Footage At Knot9

Deep frying of Indian style fritters or bread pakora - popular street food
Variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food served on the dining table
Indian food menu items served on a big table - Indian lunch or dinner
Delicious Indian food on the table for a big family - home cooking
Crystal clear whiskey glass kept on a table with ice cubes placed near it
Four big ice cubes dropped in an empty glass of whiskey against a white background
Big ice cubes dropping in a transparent glass of golden whiskey
Golden whiskey poured into a crystal clear glass from a brown bottle
A glass of whiskey placed near ice cubes against a white background
Rotating crystal glass of golden whiskey with big ice cubes filled in it
Racking shot of a glass of whiskey filled with ice cubes ready to drink
Beautiful view of a rotating glass of whiskey filled with big ice cubes
Golden whiskey in a rotating crystal glass with ice cubes dropping in it
Closeup view of fresh black tea pouring in a glass cup with a lemon slice
Flavored tea bag dipped in hot water to make a cup of aromatic green tea
Male's hand making a cup of green tea decorated with sliced lemon
Rotating cup of green tea decorated with a lemon slice kept on a jute mat
Male's hand picking up and putting down a cup of green tea against black background
Preparing a cup of green tea with different Indian spices
Time-lapse shot of melting a butterscotch flavor ice cream cone with caramel
Hand of an Indian woman serving delicious Upwas food prepared for Navratri
Indian woman's hand placing a bowl of freshly made jeera aloo on a blue platform
Hands of an Indian woman placing a thali of traditional Upwas/fasting food
Zoom in shot of beautifully plated Navratri food platter placed on a blue surface
Slow-motion shot of an Indian woman's hand eating delicious Upwas/fasting food
Closeup shot of beautifully plated Navratri thali/platter rotating on a turntable
Hand of an Indian woman placing a bowl of Chaulai Laddu in Navratri food platter
Close-up shot of a spoon taking some Raita from a Vrat Thali of North India