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Young Indian woman swinging Bal Gopal on Shri Krishna Janmashtami - Festival. Colorful background decoration
Beautiful Indian woman worshipping Lord Ganesha with pooja ki thali - Festival celebration
Indian woman performing Pooja, worshiping Lord Krishna - Hindu ritual and customs
Indian woman waving Bal Gopal jhula on the festival of Lord Krishna - Closeup. Colorful decoration
Beautiful Indian woman taking a selfie with Lord Krishna idol in the background
Young Indian female laughing while talking on a mobile phone with a festive background
Young smiling Indian woman lighting up Diya for aarti during the festival - Guru Purnima
A woman from Hindu family worshipping Sai Baba idol - Indian Hindu festival
Happy Indian woman thinking and texting a friend or husband - Festival decoration and puja scene
Charming and smiling Indian woman in traditional dress putting tilak on sai baba idol (Sai Pujan)
Young Indian model getting ready for a fashion show and applying makeup in front of a mirror
A professional makeup artist is applying foundation on the face of a young Indian model
The young lady is done with her party makeup and checking her styling in a golden framed mirror
The young beautiful girl checking her out in the small mirror - Beauty parlor. Indian model getting ready for a shoot
A makeup artist setting hair of a professional model in her vanity van - Movie Shoot
Gorgeous Indian model highlighting her cheeks with blusher - black background. Getting ready for a TV ad shoot
Stunning Indian ramp model applying light shade lip color using a brush - Black background
Beautiful model applying blusher on her face with a professional makeup brush - Fashion show backstage
Young girl getting eye makeup done by professional makeup artist using a makeup brush
Active customer support executives working in the office on a computer - Attending business calls
Young beautiful woman attending a call and resolving customer query - Call center employee
Energetic representatives working in a customer support center and attending calls - Night shift
Active young Indian executives wearing headsets while working - Call center support staff in night shift
Active playful cute child girl playing with two dolls while seated isolated on the bed in her room - Happy Childhood
Cute young Indian girl sleeping and her mother covering her with a blanket
Cute playful little child girl playing with toys at home - making a braid of her favorite doll
Active little child girl playing with doll in her room - children play concept
Beautiful little child girl studying and doing creative activities at home