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Happy husband and wife embracing each other while sitting in their living room
Middle-aged husband-wife waving during a video call - modern technology
Indian woman making a phone call while sitting with her husband at home
Modern elderly couple spending their leisure time at home - urban lifestyle
Indian male with grey hair showing interesting things to the wife while reading a storybook
Man with grey hair and mustache talking on mobile while sitting with his wife
Worried retired couple doing paperwork and discussing their unpaid bills / taxes
Happy middle-aged couple talking and drinking morning tea together at home
Serious, thoughtful woman drinking morning tea while sitting alone at her home
Middle-aged Indian man thinking about his future while drinking tea at his home
Happy conversation between a middle-aged male and female during their free time
Irritated aged couple quarreling with each other at home - family problems
Upset couple ignoring each other sitting on a couch - relationships conflict
Indian lady flipping the pages of a storybook while her husband busy on mobile
Serious business partners working with documents together at their home office
Two business partners doing important paperwork together at their home
Two mature adults browsing their mobile while sitting together on the sofa
Mature happy couple listening and enjoying a web series on their smartphone
Middle-aged attractive wife scrolling her smartphone in her free time at home
Attractive housewife helping her husband to put credit / debit card details for online shipping
Attractive Indian housewife helping her husband to put debit/credit card details - Online Purchase
Middle-aged couple calculating their unpaid bills/dues together at home
Middle-aged man with grey hair and mustache doing monthly accounting work
Middle-aged Indian housewife counting her last month's savings and noting it
Two middle-aged Indian people planning the interior design of their new house