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Backview shot of an Indian woman in wheat crop field - Farmland in village
Female's hand holding a pink ribbon to support breast cancer patients
Closeup of popular Indian snack bread pakora served during breakfast or tea
Closeup shot of Indian snack paneer pakora served during breakfast or tea time
Woman's hand dipping stuffed bread in besan batter to make fresh bread pakora
Closeup shot of a popular Indian snack bread pakora deep-frying in hot oil
Top view shot of woman hand adding bread pakora in hot oil for deep frying
Frying of stuffed bread pieces coated with a layer of Besan
Indian cook's hand dropping a delicious bread Pakora in boiling hot oil
Deep frying of Indian style fritters or bread pakora - popular street food
Variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food served on the dining table
Indian food menu items served on a big table - Indian lunch or dinner
Delicious Indian food on the table for a big family - home cooking
Crystal clear whiskey glass kept on a table with ice cubes placed near it
Four big ice cubes dropped in an empty glass of whiskey against a white background
Big ice cubes dropping in a transparent glass of golden whiskey
Golden whiskey poured into a crystal clear glass from a brown bottle
A glass of whiskey placed near ice cubes against a white background
Rotating crystal glass of golden whiskey with big ice cubes filled in it
Racking shot of a glass of whiskey filled with ice cubes ready to drink
Beautiful view of a rotating glass of whiskey filled with big ice cubes
Golden whiskey in a rotating crystal glass with ice cubes dropping in it
Closeup view of fresh black tea pouring in a glass cup with a lemon slice
Flavored tea bag dipped in hot water to make a cup of aromatic green tea
Male's hand making a cup of green tea decorated with sliced lemon
Rotating cup of green tea decorated with a lemon slice kept on a jute mat
Male's hand picking up and putting down a cup of green tea against black background
Preparing a cup of green tea with different Indian spices