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Without People Indian Stock Images and Video At Knot9

Late evening view of mountain peaks / a hilly region - mountainous range
A monkey on the wall of a building - wild animals, harmful, stray monkeys, monkey menace
A mountain goat grazing in the open fields - a mammal, cattle, livestock
A scenic view of mountains covered with clouds in Himachal Pradesh, India - houses on top of a mountain, hotel, guest house
A herd of cows and buffaloes grazing in an open field / green pastures in the in Himachal Pradesh, India - Mammals, mountain area
Mountain landscape - Road between high green mountains covered with fog
Scenic view in Himachal Pradesh in India - A small rainy water steam flowing with clear water, bed of rocks in a valley, river valley
Beautiful scenery of a clean river passing through the mountains in Himachal Pradesh in India - river water, river valley, natural source of water
A big brown elephant in the forest area/jungle - endangered species, happy elephant swaying
Close shot of the water flowing in the clean river in mountains - rocky river, fresh water, water rapids
Bright sun and the clean river flowing in the mountains - fresh water, valley
Top view of a clean river flowing through the mountains - scenic beauty, fresh water, mountain river
An elephant in the forest - mammal, endangered species, wild animal, jungle scene
An elephant is flapping his ears while drinking water with its trunk - a giant animal, an endangered species, drinking water from pipe, big tusks
Water is being sprayed on an elephant while having a bath in the forest - a giant animal, a mammal
Pan shot of a house in a mountainous region with a goat walking - a scenic view
A bird is flying across the river / lake - ecology, a natural source of water
Cloudy weather - Cloud cover over the top of the mountain - a mountainous range
Delhi NCR, India, 21st June 2022, An Indian railway express train crossing a railway crossing - a public transport
Delhi NCR, India, 21st June 2022, A shot of a moving goods train
Rainwater drops falling from the green leaves of a succulent plant - natural, nature, environment
Delhi NCR, India, 21st June 2022, Rainwater falling from the Delhi metro line - rainy weather
A beautiful shot of cookie topped with jam dipped in a glass of warm milk
Two pieces of soft multi-grain bread dropping on a stack of bread ready for breakfast
Freshly baked multi-grain bread slices beautifully placed on a wooden table
Female's hand keeping a cookie topped with jam on a stack of cookies - unhealthy snack, bad food for heart disease
Splash of wheat flour on a round wheat dough to make fresh chapatis at home
Indian cook stirring spicy Chole/Chana and garnishing it with coriander leaves - healthy Indian food, home-cooked food, homemade, vegetarian food