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Faridabad, Haryana, India, 7th September 2021, A street vendor in a small shop pouring gravy with Kachori in a ceramic bowl
A street vendor in casual clothes pouring fresh lemonade juice / sikanji in a disposable glass
A street vendor in a roadside stall preparing soft drinks in a disposable glass
A man folding tasty dumplings ready for steaming before serving
A female holding beautiful handmade earrings in her hand
Closeup shot of a female making handmade earrings at home
Professional jewelry designer designing handmade earrings in her workshop
A young woman holding / checking a beautiful handmade earrings
A woman making handmade earrings using clay from home
A young woman covering a beautiful handmade jewelry box kept on the table
Professional jewelry designer putting a colorful thread around a bangle
Jewelry maker tying a colorful thread to keep the beads in a bangle intact
Colorful yellow bangles, Indian dress, and colorful threads kept together
A young Indian bride wearing a beautiful earrings while getting ready
Various kinds of assorted Indian traditional jewelry are for sale in the market
A lady wearing red bangles while getting ready to go out
Fashionable jewelry collection displayed for sale on the counter of a jewelry store
Closeup shot of hand of a female keeping a well-lit Diya with other items - Diwali Puja
Rose and marigold flower petals falling on a statue of Goddess Lakshmi and gifts - a festive season
Colorful envelope / Lifaafa with Diwali gifts at home
Keeping a well-lit oil lamp with a plateful of sweets - a Puja ceremony
Offering a laddu / prasad to God on Diwali
Lighting a clay Diya at home - festive season
Lighting a designer Diya with a matchstick on an auspicious occasion
A woman keeping a silver coin in a Kalash - an auspicious occasion
Lighting an earthen Diya with a matchstick kept on rose petals - celebration time
Woman lighting colorful Diyas for the festive season - a Hindu festival
Yamuna Ghat, New Delhi, India, 19th December 2020, Timelapse shot of a busy highway with moving traffic during the evening time