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Colorful Diwali gift and different firecrackers - Hindu festival celebration
Indian woman's hand keeping a small wax Diya on a table full of Diwali props
Decorative wax lamp kept with other Diwali props
Female's hand keeping Bundi laddu in a plate for Diwali celebration
Beautiful Diwali festive space with gifts, firecrackers, wax lamp, and flower petals
Female's beautiful hand lightening a small wax Diya with Diwali props in the background
Decorative flower-shaped wax Diya with a bright flame lit during the Diwali festival
Orange marigold flower petals offered to God during the Diwali celebration
Lighted wax decorative Diya/candle for worship during Diwali celebration
Woman's hand taking a Bundi laddu from a plate
Female's hand keeping half-eaten Bundi laddu in a plate
Beautiful prayer scene with Diya and incense sticks in front of Hindu god idols
Close-up shot of Laxmi-Ganesh idol/murti on a puja plate with lighted Diyas
Decorative puja thali with a firecracker burning near it - Diwali concept
Pan-shot of a decorative puja plate with Diyas and Hindu God idol
A colorful Puja thali with brightly lighted Diyas and gods statue
Earthen oil lamps burning on a beautiful flower decoration - Diwali
Beautiful hands of a woman keeping a lighted Puja Diya on a heap of rangoli color
A lighted earthen oil lamp on a heap of powder color - Diwali rangoli concept
Woman's hand lighting decorative colorful Diyas for Diwali - Hindu festival
Glowing multicolored Christmas light against the dark studio background
Christmas decorative glittering lights in the dark - celebration concept
Tomb with a cross made of cigarettes and tobacco grave - smoking kills
Cross made of cigarettes shoeing danger of smoking - anti-tobacco campaign
Female smoker's hand putting out a cigarette butt inside a glass ashtray
Blowing small birthday candles in the darkroom
A set of birthday candles burning brightly against a black background
Lighting cigarette gas lighter with a golden burning flame in a dark room