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Without People Indian Stock Images and Video At Knot9

Slow slicing of big raw green capsicum with a sharp-edged knife - cooking food
Flame of fire cooking hot whole red chili picked up by a fork - spicy food
Plump whole red chili with green stem held with a fork being roasted in fire
Whole red chilies dropping on a heap of chili powder - tropical hot spices
Roasted red chili powder falling on a wooden table - Indian spices
Red and green chilies falling inside a non-stick frying pan - Asian cuisine
Various breakfast items like milk glass, peanut butter, chocolate spread, and bread
Spreading strawberry jam with a butter knife on a slice of tasty brown bread - popular breakfast
Woman hand spreading red color Gulal beautifully on a wooden area - Holi concept
Female hand taking Abeer to celebrate Holi festival - a happy Indian occasion
Bright red and green Holi colors falling near Gujiya - Indian sweet
Bright pink color Gulal dropping on a heap of organic powder dry Holi colors
Handmade greeting card to wish Holi dropping on mixed Gulal (Holi colors)
Zoom in shot of multicolor Gulal / Abeer spread against a white background
Multicolor Gulal (Holi colors) in metallic bowls to celebrate the Holi festival
Marigold flowers dropping near handmade Holi greetings card and powder Gulal
Happy Holi greeting card kept along with Gulal wishing for the popular occasion
Organic Gulal with bright flower petals decorated on the occasion of Holi
Green and pink color Gulal / Abeer in clay pots decorated for Holi celebration
Colorful flower with Holi colors placed together on a floral decorated area
Holi festival celebration - Bright colored Gulal placed on a floral area
Splashes of color (Abeer / Gulal) scattered on a table during the Holi festival
Female hands keeping a plate of popular Indian sweets (Gujiya) with Holi colors
Happy Holi Concept - Tasty Gujiya kept on a white plate with powder Holi colors
Female hand keeping Gujiya - sweet dumplings made during the festival of Holi
Beautifully decorated table for Holi festival celebration
A medical worker in safety gloves and PPE Kit injecting corona vaccine
Muscular sportswoman's hand wrapped in a red cloth bandage using talc powder