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Without People Indian Stock Images and Video At Knot9

A general physician with a stethoscope injecting a flu vaccine to a patient's arm
A senior doctor wearing a white overcoat giving medicine to her patient in a clinic
A female doctor with a stethoscope holding a yellow capsule in her hand
A senior doctor in a white uniform sanitizing her patient's hands in the hospital
A general physician consoling a young patient after giving news about her disease
A nurse checking a patient's temperature with an infrared thermometer - Covid 19
A man pouring watermelon milkshake in a glass - Street vendor
A juicy red watermelon / Tarbooj being cut into slices and put in the milk
A person eating Kanji Vada made with flavored water - Served in plastic glass
Tempting Indian sweet dish Jalebi dipped in hot sugar syrup in a roadside shop
A man making Indian street food Jalebi, deep-frying of the flour batter
A traditional Indian sweet Jalebi being fried in Desi Ghee in a Kadhai - Indian dessert
A man making hot Jalebis in a roadside shop - Indian sweets
An Indian man sharpening a knife using a bicycle-powered stone wheel
A worker in a small restaurant deep-frying Bature in hot oil
A worker in a small restaurant making Parathas inside a tandoor
Pure milk is being heated / boiled in a big Tawa and poured into a big jug
Popular Indian street food Aloo Tikki and Chaat being deep-fried. Unhealthy food
A local tea seller in a blue shirt adding a spoonful of sugar to freshly made tea - Indian Chai
A local tea seller at a small shop serving freshly made tea in a big steel glass
A tea vendor in casual clothes is busy preparing tea at a roadside tea stall
A worker in a roadside Dhaba deep-frying Pooris in a pan with hot oil
A vendor in a roadside restaurant in the process of making Pooris
A customer with a plate of Kulche Chole with butter and sliced Dhania
A street vendor in a popular market serving a plate of Chole with butter
A street hawker garnishing freshly made Chole with sliced Dhania and Adrak - Street food, India
A street vendor is packing hot sabzi / curry in plastic bags. Plastic use, harmful impact
A small street side shop vendor garnishing Rabri with dry fruits