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Health and Medical Indian Stock Images and Video At Knot9

A caring Indian mother checking her son's body temperature with a thermometer - sick child, medical problem
A beautiful pregnant female suffering from abdominal pain and severe backache
A young man and his beautiful pregnant wife on a video call while using a mobile
A young Indian woman holding a pregnancy kit while talking on a video call
Cheerful young man in casual clothes hugging and kissing his pregnant wife - Happy couple
A handsome young man offering a glass of water and medicine to his pregnant wife
A happy and caring husband feeding healthy breakfast to his pregnant wife
A young boy and an aged man disinfecting their hands using a hand sanitizer
Young baby medical consultation at home - Doctor home visit, doctor consultation, baby checkup
Doctor home visit for a baby regular check-up. Doctor consultation, home consultation, healthcare, personal care
A young Indian doctor checking the body temperature of a baby with an infrared thermometer - Home visit, Home consultation, health checkup
A female doctor examining a patient - Village home in India. Anganwadi worker, nurse, government hospital doctor, home checkup
A female doctor from a local medical center doing checkup of a young girl in the village - Health checkup, Preventive care
A caring mother and a loving grandfather doing first aid of their child at home
A little boy in casual clothes with a stethoscope checking his grandfather's heart beat
A loving grandson giving a head massage to his old grandfather at home
A sweet little kid is feeling sad and unhappy after getting hurt while playing
Young man removing his knee splint before sleeping - Accidental injury
A handsome Indian man breaking a cigarette butt into two halves
A young Indian man lighting a cigarette while standing sideways. Green screen / Chroma shoot
Serious doctor with a stethoscope around the neck putting his finger on his lips. Green screen / Chroma shoot
A young doctor giving an interview / talking while standing sideways
Young Indian doctor posing for the camera. Green screen / Chroma shoot
Handsome Indian guy with a toothache. Green screen / Chroma shoot
Handsome man having bad breath issues - medical treatment. Green screen / Chroma shoot
A sick Indian woman having cough and cold drinking a cup of hot tea / coffee
Portrait of a tired businesswoman having a headache while sitting in the office
Male scientist looking at and examining a vaccine vial - Coronavirus pandemic