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Young father with his new born baby and mother in the hospital room - family bonding, tired parents, sleep deprived
A caring Indian husband gives a medicine pill to his wife in the hospital bed - healthcare concept
An Indian father holding his newborn baby - parenthood, parent and baby, childbirth in a hospital
A middle-aged lady doctor talking to a village couple with a newborn baby - new parents, childbirth, new parents with baby
A senior female doctor using an electronic blood pressure meter for hospital patient - routine checkup, BP machine, healthcare and medicine
A middle-aged Indian lady doctor consulting - CT scan of head and brain, radiology, medical examination
Newborn baby in a hospital - Indian father with his newborn baby and sick wife in the hospital, happy parents, new parents with baby
Medical checkup with stethoscope - Female physician checking heart rate of a young female patient - medical attention
Indian female in a hospital room - Hospital patient in the hospital bed for medical treatment - medical and healthcare
An attractive female patient is chatting on her mobile in the hospital - sick woman admitted to the hospital
A young female patient is doing a thumbs-up gesture in the hospital ward - well being, cheerful
A young pregnant female patient using mobile phone while lying down in a hospital bed - expecting mother in hospital
A sick Indian lady is resting peacefully in the hospital bed - hospital room, sick patient
A caring man with his expecting pregnant wife in a hospital bed - future parents, to-be parents, sick mother
A young female patient is having a bowl of soup in the hospital - healthy food, a nutritious diet
A caring Indian boy feeding his pregnant wife in the hospital - healthy diet, care and assistance, hospital room
A young girl in her twenties is using a tablet while she is in the hospital - a digital device, leisure time, an internet connection
A caring Indian father playing and spending time with his little girl child in a hospital room - childhood game,
A middle-aged lady doctor is listening to a little girl's heartbeat with a stethoscope - shortness of breath, medical issue
A young Indian lady doctor checking the fever and pulse of a sick girl child - a hospital room, patient, caring doctor
A middle-aged lady narrating a story to her sick little daughter in a hospital room
A young Indian woman is comforting her sick little daughter and making her sleep in the hospital bed
A young Indian girl sleeping in the hospital bed while hugging a teddy bear - hospital admission, hospital ward
A young sick girl is lying in a hospital bed with a soft toy - teddy bear, drowsy state, unhealthy, illness, hospital room
A little Indian girl with an oxygen mask lying in a hospital bed - respiratory issues, ICU room, serious deadly disease
A cute little schoolgirl lying in bed with a soft toy in a pediatric unit - sick Indian child in a hospital room, hospital care
A young schoolgirl suffering from illness - wearing a medical mask, surgical mask, admitted to the hospital, lung disease
A caring female nurse feeding food to a sick girl in a hospital room - feeding food, hospital care, medical service