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Health and Medical Indian Stock Images and Video At Knot9

A female Indian nurse gives medicines to a sick girl in hospital - hospital room, a girl suffering from medical problem
A concerned Indian lady consulting a male Indian doctor in a hospital room - care and support, caring mother
A male Indian doctor with a tongue depressor inspects a little girl's throat for infection - medical examination, pediatrician
A young male doctor / pediatrician checking the pulse rate of a little Inidan girl
A young lady doctor in white uniform and a stethoscope standing in a public park
A young Indian lady applying anti septic lotion on wound using cotton - remedy at home, health and medical, first aid at home
A young Indian lady measuring body temperature with a thermometer under her armpit - high fever, seasonal flu
An injured Indian female doing an online doctor consultation - home consultation, health and medical, medical attention, North East Indian girl
An Indian woman wrapping her painful wrist with a crepe bandage - sports injury, wrist sprain, North East Indian girl
A worried Indian mother is consulting a doctor on phone about her daughter's illness - online doctor call
A few medical masks/ surgical masks is hanging on a clothesline - Coronavirus pandemic, protection
An elderly Indian woman wearing eyeglasses is checking her doctor's prescription - a medical prescription
A senior Indian woman suffering from flu resting at home - a viral infection, unwell, an allergic disease, lonely life
An aged sick Indian lady is consulting her doctor on a video call - distant communication
An old Indian lady massaging her feet while resting on the bed - old age issues, pain, treatment
An aged Indian housewife / an Indian grandmother is treating her wounded hand - injury, scars, bruises
An elderly man helping his friend with the medicines - medical prescription, doctor's advice, prescribed medicines
An elderly Indian man explaining how to use insulin injection to his friend - diabetes, diabetic, glucose levels
An old Indian lady having a migraine attack - headache, old-age problem, loneliness and pain
A young patient wearing a black headscarf and a nasal oxygen tube at home - a medical equipment
A sick Indian female smiling while recovering from her illness - chemotherapy, treatment and diagnosis
A young girl patient putting a nasal oxygen tube in her nose - respiratory problems, a medical equipment
A young patient checking her X-ray / MRI / CT scan reports - a medical report, treatment and diagnosis
A beautiful girl wearing a hospital dress using a tablet - sick patient, hospital, nasal cannula
An attractive woman putting a pink ribbon on her chest supporting breast cancer - Breast Cancer Awareness
A young lady suffering from cancer with an Intravenous drip - a medical treatment, recovery, chemotherapy
A young cancer patient on a video call - distant communication, a modern technology
June 20, Delhi, India - Indian husband in the surgical mask in kitchen - slicing a cucumber, Covid-19, indoor pollution, kitchen pollution, allergic to smell