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Health and Medical Indian Stock Images and Video At Knot9

Male scientist looking at and examining a vaccine vial - Coronavirus pandemic
A professional senior doctor wearing a blue mask - protection against Coronavirus
A young doctor wearing a white uniform checking an X-ray report / CT scan
A medical practitioner wearing a white coat standing and doing thumbs up
A young doctor in white uniform against a green chroma screen looking back
A young senior doctor talking to his patient on a video call - online consultation - Chroma shoot
A man sanitizing his hands during COIVD times - Health safety
A smart boy standing with folded hands while showing a Namaste gesture - Chroma Green Screen
Doctor's hand checking the body temperature of a young man during Coronavirus
Handsome young man avoiding taking off the medical mask during Coronavirus
Portrait of a young guy taking off his medical mask - COVID
A young student in a yellow T-shirt smoking a cigarette - modern lifestyle
No smoking campaign - A young man holding a cigarette in his hand
A medical nurse putting a white bandage on a wound of a young patient
Professional lady doctor checking the blood pressure of a patient in the clinic
A general physician with a stethoscope injecting a flu vaccine to a patient's arm
A senior doctor wearing a white overcoat giving medicine to her patient in a clinic
A female doctor with a stethoscope holding a yellow capsule in her hand
A senior doctor in a white uniform sanitizing her patient's hands in the hospital
A general physician consoling a young patient after giving news about her disease
A nurse checking a patient's temperature with an infrared thermometer - Covid 19
A medical practitioner wearing a pair of white protective gloves in the hospital
Female doctor hand checking the pulse rate of a young patient at a clinic
Coronavirus hand sanitizer gel for clean hands - cleanliness and hygiene
Sick woman having a terrible stomach ache - monthly period. Stomach cramps.
Sick Indian woman taking pills with a glass of water at home. Drinking water
Portrait of a sick young girl having abdominal cramps at home - health and medical
Portrait of a sick Indian girl holding / touching her belly with pain while sitting