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Health and Medical Indian Stock Images and Video At Knot9

Young female wearing a gray woolen cap sneezing - Common cold / Coronavirus
Lonely Indian woman reading an interesting novel while taking rest at home
Indian teenager applying a crepe bandage on her legs and putting it on a soft cushion
Indian woman with injuries / wounds resting on a wooden sofa after an accident
Lonely injured woman at home - in pain after an accident
The young injured lady eating apples while talking on the phone - first-aid at home concept
Pretty Indian woman with injury on hand and head eating apples while sitting at her home
Injured young woman drinking healthy orange juice sitting at home to get fit
Beautiful Indian teenager talking on a smartphone after meeting with an accident
Pretty lady with badly injured elbow putting an antiseptic solution on the wound
Injured adolescent female treating her wounded hand - first-aid of wrist sprain
Vaccination shot being given to a female patient - effective Coronavirus vaccine
Senior medical worker checking the heartbeat of a patient using a stethoscope
Medical practitioner wearing mask checking body temperature of a patient
Senior female doctor checking her patient for infection - COVID-19 symptoms
A senior female doctor noting down the symptoms of a patient - COVID medical services
Young doctor injecting COVID-19 or Coronavirus vaccine to the woman patient
Female doctor in a protective suit talking to an elderly patient in the clinic
Indian health worker in PPE Kit checking the elderly patient's heartbeat using a stethoscope
An Indian doctor wearing a personal protective kit (PPE Kit) measuring the temperature of a patient
Hospital staff in PPE kit enquiring a mature lady before COVID vaccination
Medical staff wearing personal protective equipment kit showing COVID-19 vaccine
A mature lady visiting a doctor for consultation - senior people healthcare services
Doctor explaining/showing medical reports to her lady patient in the clinic
Cheerful Indian doctor talking to her patient enquiring about her health - medical concept
Cheerful caring physician listening calmly to a patient - senior citizen healthcare
Indian doctor making notes of a female patient's complaint during the consultation
A female doctor wearing a face mask talking to her patient in the clinic