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June 20, Delhi, India - A young guy in a surgical mask cooking in the kitchen - Allergic to smell and house smoke, Indoor pollution, house pollution, kitchen pollution
An elderly grandfather, father, and grandson putting on medical masks outdoors - Coronavirus pandemic, Covid-19 lifestyle
A young aspiring male doctor posing for the camera - stethoscope, doctor dress code, health and medical, a medical worker
A young schoolboy playing with his grand father - acting as a doctor, medical examination, role play
A sick little girl suffering from cough and cold resting with her father in the bedroom - viral infection, seasonal flu
An unhappy Indian lady pressing her forehead - severe headache, painful feelings, chronic migraine
An unwell Indian lady consulting a doctor on her smartphone - doctor at home, online consultation, treatment and diagnosis
A sick bearded farmer in traditional clothes coughing with one hand on his chest - medical attention, unwell, viral infection
A sick young man having his medicines / tablet / pills with a glass of lukewarm water - healthcare and medical, winter season
A sick young man suffering from cough and cold - a sore throat, Coronavirus symptoms
A sick young man drinking a cup of hot tea / coffee at home - beverage, self-treatment, health and medical
A young charming male suffering from cough and cold while sitting in his bedroom - seasonal flu, viral infection
A sick young guy consulting a specialist / medical practitioner on his smartphone - doctor's consultation at home, distant communication
A handsome man wearing a pair of gloves while drinking a cup of tea / coffee - beverage, a cold climate
An Indian young man wearing a woolen cap blowing his runny nose with a tissue paper - allergy, common cold, viral infection
Two young sick girls coughing and sneezing together while sitting at home - seasonal allergies, cold, Indian flu
A caring young girl gives a glass of water and pills to her best friend - medications, health and medical, medical assistance
An Indian teenage girl wearing a woolen cap is using tissue paper to blow her runny nose - winter season, high fever, body temperature
A handsome man and a pretty lady sanitizing their hands on the Holi festival - Covid-19 lifestyle, cleanliness and hygiene, disinfectant
Stressed Indian female - massaging her forehead with eyes closed, stressful life, Indian female, Relaxation
A sick young girl wearing a hat and covered with a shawl resting on her mother's lap - cold and cough, fever, sick child, village family
A worried mother of an Indian village giving medicines to her daughter - seasonal flu, viral disease, fever, cough and cold, village home
A caring young mother of a village making her daughter wear a cap and shawl - winter season, winter flu, cold and cough, sick child
A concerned father in casual clothes massaging his son's leg after an injury
A concerned Indian mother checking the body temperature of her sick son - parenting, parents bonding
A lady doctor checking a female patient of a village - healthcare, village medical system, local doctor
A worried mother of an Indian village consulting a doctor for her child's illness
A loving husband of an Indian village feeding and caressing his pregnant wife