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Health and Medical Indian Stock Images and Video At Knot9

A female doctor wearing a face mask talking to her patient in the clinic
Female doctor and her patient in masks doing a regular checkup at the clinic
Indian female doctor in white uniform encouraging her patient during treatment
A middle-aged lady explaining her medical problems with the female doctor - healthcare
Young physiotherapist checking her patient for treatment - Orthopedic doctor
Indian doctor using brain CT scan / X-ray / MRI scan to explain the symptoms to her patient
Indian female doctor examining the pulse rate of a patient - Covid / Coronavirus consultation
Indian female doctor consulting her patient for COIVD 19 / Coronavirus - Respiratory problem
Female doctor sanitizes her patient while their faces covered with protection masks
A female physician wearing a surgical mask - protection against Coronavirus
Doctor talking to a patient during a video call - remote consultation / online consultation
Indian Medical practitioner examining the MRI scan / X-ray - medical concept
A female Indian physician writing her patient's detail while advising him/her on a phone call
Indian doctor checking the MRI / CT Scan image of her patient sitting in her clinic
Indian woman making a phone call while sitting with her husband at home
Caring village husband giving medicine to his pregnant wife - prenatal care concept
A little village girl hugging her pregnant mother's belly to hear the baby movement
A happy lady of a village having fresh and healthy food during her pregnancy
Loving husband feeding and caressing his pregnant wife - maternity / pregnancy care
Caring Indian husband giving his wife nutritious fruits to eat during her pregnancy
Indian youngster wearing a medical mask for protection from Coronavirus pandemic
Indian female making notes of her online education wearing a medical mask
A young beautiful girl putting on a medical mask - Coronavirus protection
Sick girl laying down on a sofa while mother putting a cool fever gel on the forehead
Caring mother feeling relaxed after checking her teenage girl's body temperature
Mother checking the temperature of her sick daughter with hands and thermometer
A caring mother giving medicines to her teenage child suffering from viral fever
A girl suffering from seasonal cold / flu sitting with her caring mother on the sofa