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Festival Stock Video Footage At Knot9

Young Indian mother helping her son in opening Christmas gift
Indian mother and son taking a selfie near Christmas tree
Father helping son in decorating the Christmas tree
Closeup shot of a couple holding hands with Christmas tree in background with bokeh effect
Closeup shot of a couple decorating Christmas tree
Handsome Indian boy / man blows a confetti from hands near Christmas tree
A disappointed little boy sitting alone on a couch for not having received his Christmas gift
Sad and lonely boy gets a Christmas gift from Santa Claus
A little boy sits on Santa's lap gets a christmas gift
Happy little boy sitting on a couch with Santa Claus and watching a cartoon in the smartphone
A little boy smiling and watching cartoons in his smartphone near Christmas tree
Boy wearing elephant cap playing with the smartphone near Christmas tree
Happy little boy decorating and playing with the Christmas tree
Santa Claus keeping the Christmas gift beside a sleeping boy on Christmas Eve
A cute little boy waking up early morning and opening his Christmas gift by Santa Claus
Young mother helping her daughter to decorate Christmas tree
Cute little girl playing and making earrings out of Christmas decoration balls
Little girl decorating Christmas tree with her mother
Young mother and her cute daughter hugging each other on Christmas Eve
Cute daughter hugging mom after getting Christmas gift from her mother
Cute girl in red dress hugging her mother when she receives Christmas gift
Pretty Indian mother kissing and hugging her daughter on Christmas Eve
Christmas Evening - Adorable little girl wearing Santa hat opening her Christmas gifts
Happy Indian Family on Christmas - Cute little girl hugging her parents and opening gift
Happy Indian family opening the Christmas gift at home
A sweet little girl in a red Santa hat is decorating a Christmas tree
Adorable young Indian couple sharing special moments with each other on Christmas
Christmas Eve - Young Indian woman hugs her husband when she receives surprise gift