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Festival Stock Video Footage At Knot9

A married couple happily doing an Aarti / Puja at home with their children
Happy brother and sister in ethnic attire exchanging gifts during a Hindu festival
Attractive parents happily enjoying Diwali holidays with their children at home
Diwali rangoli - Mother and daughter making flower art , Auspicious Hindu festival
Bonding between Indian mother and her daughter - embracing her daughter, Diwali
A young mother giving her cute daughter a surprise gift on the Diwali festival
A young mother and her sweet child talking on a video call in the festive season
Indian couple happily smiling while looking into the camera in traditional wear
A middle-aged couple decorating a Rangoli with well lit colorful Diyas at home
Rose and marigold flower petals falling on a statue of Goddess Lakshmi and gifts - a festive season
Colorful envelope / Lifaafa with Diwali gifts at home
Keeping a well-lit oil lamp with a plateful of sweets - a Puja ceremony
Offering a laddu / prasad to God on Diwali
Lighting a clay Diya at home - festive season
Lighting a designer Diya with a matchstick on an auspicious occasion
A woman keeping a silver coin in a Kalash - an auspicious occasion
Lighting an earthen Diya with a matchstick kept on rose petals - celebration time
Woman lighting colorful Diyas for the festive season - a Hindu festival
Fisheye angle of a young girl video call - Closeup camera
A young girl offering a colorful gift to her guests on the occasion of Diwali
A beautiful girl holding a well lit Diya / oil lamp during a Hindu festival
A charming girl standing with a plate of brightly burning Diyas on Diwali
An attractive lady enjoying taking a selfie with burning Diyas on the Diwali festival
A cheerful woman standing with a plate of clay Diyas while celebrating Diwali
A young woman offering homemade Gulaab Jamun to her guests on Diwali
Cheerful girl in a beautiful traditional dress lighting a brass Diya on a festival
A beautiful woman holding a brightly burning clay Diya to celebrate Diwali
A beautiful woman in a Saree greeting people with a traditional Namaste gesture