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Festival Stock Video Footage At Knot9

A farmer's son and daughter in school uniform waving the Indian National Flag together - Independence / Republic Day
Children of an Indian village enjoy spraying water while using a water gun - Holi celebrations, Pichkari
A farmer's son and daughter of an Indian village playing with a water gun - Holi celebration, agricultural field
Young and beautiful Indian sisters celebrating Holi and offering sweets to each other
Two smiling Indian girls wearing colorful funny googles posing for the camera on Holi festival
A handsome guy wearing trendy sunglasses while posing for the camera on Holi - an Indian festival, vibrant colors
College friends throwing colors up in the air while enjoying and playing Holi - organic colors, spring festival
A pretty lady wearing beautiful earrings posing for the camera at the Holi festival
Closeup shot of a pretty Indian girl wearing earrings during Holi celebration
Closeup shot of a beautiful Indian girl with vibrant Gulal on her face - Holi festival, organic colors, festive season
A handsome guy wiping off the Gulal on his face with a tissue paper - Holi festival, organic colors, skincare
An attractive girl with braided hair taking off Holi colors from her face - skin care
A beautiful Indian girl wipes her face to remove the Gulal - Holi festival, itchy skin, organic colors
A beautiful female wiping off the vibrant Gulal on her best friend's face - Holi festival, organic colors, sensitive skin
A man wiping off the Gulal on his friend's pretty face using a tissue paper - Holi festival celebration, organic colors
A handsome man with Gulal on his face using his mobile on Holi festival celebrations - leisure time, social media, festive season
A cheerful young man wearing a colorful hat talking on mobile at the Holi festival - leisure time
A pretty girl and a handsome boy making a video call on the Holi festival - distant communication, a festive season, a modern technology
A young woman wishes her friends / relatives a Happy Holi on a video call - greetings, festive mood, distant communication
Beautiful young sisters and brother wishing happy Holi over video call - Relationships, pretty faces
Group of young Indian friends greet each other on the festival of color - Holi celebration, Exchange of gifts
A man in white kurta blowing gulal from his hand on the eve of Holi - colorful holi, Holi color sprinkle
A shot of smiling man cheering and posing for camera - festival of colors, Holi party
A young man dancing on Holi - Holi festival
At the festival of colors young Asian guy checking his phone and smiling - Guy face covered with Holi colors
A beautiful young smiling women taking to her friends during Holi celebration- celebrating, tyohar
A beautiful woman with long hair greeting people on Holi with a traditional Namaste
Group of young people greeting each other on Holi festival - Holi celebration