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Festival Stock Video Footage At Knot9

Indian female craftsperson putting glitter paint on the hands of a clay sculpture
A female artist beautifully finishing a small clay idol of Ma Saraswati for worship
Clay artist putting glitter colors as finishing touches on a small statue of Ma Saraswati
Indian craftsperson giving final touches to a small clay sculpture of Ma Saraswati
Female craftsperson painting the clay sculpture of Ma Saraswati/Hindu Goddess
Female hands painting clay sculpture of a Hindu Goddess for an Indian festival
Indian female artist's hands coloring the clay statue of a Hindu Goddess
Female artist painting the designs of a clay statue of Ma Saraswati/an Indian Goddess
Indian craftsperson shaping the hands of a clay statue of Hindu Goddess Saraswati
Pan shot of a clay workshop with many statues and a woman preparing an idol
Indian female artist giving finishing touches to a clay sculpture of Hindu Goddess
Hands of an artist making clay sculpture/statue of Hindu Goddess Saraswati
Multicolored decorative Christmas lights blinking brightly in a dark background
Puja thali/plate with a tiny decorative wax lamp lighted for worship during Diwali
Woman's hands keeping brightly burning Diyas near the Kalash for Diwali puja
Female's beautiful hand keeping a copper puja Kalash in between some oil lamps
Hindu puja Kalash with coconut and mango leaves circled with earthen Diyas
Copper Kalash with coconut and mango leaves in a peaceful puja room
Hindu puja thali and copper Kalash with mango leaves and coconut for worship
Female's beautiful hand lighting a Diya for worship during Diwali - Hindu festival concept
Female's hand keeping Diya in puja room for Laxmi-Ganesh worship on Diwali
Woman's hand keeping beautiful wax Diya with other Diyas on flower petals
Decorative Diyas with bright flames lighted for worship for Diwali worship
Puja area of a house with lighted wax lamps for prayers on the occasion of Diwali
Female's hand lighting a Diya with Hindu God idols and laddus in the background
Woman's hand keeping a colorful gift box with firecrackers and flower petals
Colorful Diwali gift and different firecrackers - Hindu festival celebration
Indian woman's hand keeping a small wax Diya on a table full of Diwali props