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Pretty Indian girl having potato fries while sitting alone in a decorated Christmas room
Indian kids reading a book along with Santa Claus while sitting in a decorated Christmas room
Closeup shot of young cute kid eating fried french fries during Christmas time in India
Closeup shot of little girl talking to her loving Santa during Christmas time
Old Santa and young children reading a storybook during Christmas time in India
Smiling little girl in Santa hairband gives a tight hug to her loving Santa - Christmas time
Old Santa and cute little girl happily spending a perfect Christmas holiday in India
Young kid arranging Santa's white beard and glass spectacles while sitting on his lap - Christmas Eve
Pan shot of a young girl in Santa hairband sitting alone and eating potato fries on Christmas
Young innocent kid eating french fries while sitting alone at home during Christmas time
Cute Indian boy whispering his wishes in Santa's ear during Christmas time in India
Indian Santa looks at the camera and waves his hand - greeting gesture on Christmas
Old Santa in glass spectacles waving goodbye after celebrating Christmas in India
Bokeh shot of old Santa Claus waving his hand to the camera during Christmas time
Old Santa and smiling Indian boy opens a Christmas present during Christmas season
Pretty Indian girl in red hairband opening colorful gift box with Santa Claus - Christmas time
Old Santa in glass spectacles opening a wrapped gift box for a smiling Indian kid - Christmas scene
Happy Indian kid shaking wrapped gift box while sitting with old Santa - Christmas Eve
Adorable Indian girl opening her Christmas gift while sitting with happy Santa in India
Happy Santa Claus giving a colorful gift box to a young cute child on Christmas in India
Adorable little girl guessing what's inside her present on Christmas Eve with Santa Claus
Smiling Indian girl getting a surprise Christmas present from Santa Claus in India
Old happy Santa giving a colorful Christmas present to a young cute boy - Christmas Eve
Lonely Santa gets a surprise gift from a cute little boy during Christmas Eve in India
A young innocent kid giving a Christmas present to an unhappy Santa Claus in India
Pretty Indian girl reading a storybook with Santa Claus during Christmas night at home
Cute Indian girl spending perfect Christmas holiday with her loving Santa Claus - Christmas Celebration
Young cheerful kids happily taking selfies with funny Santa Claus - Christmas time