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A teenage boy in a hospital bed playing an online game on his smartphone - medical recovery, video game, leisure time
An Indian house wide sitting at home and browsing smartphone - use of technology, mobile use, dependence on gadgets
Penetration of mobile in personal life - Indian father and her teenage daughter, mobile overuse, negative impact of mobiles
Young daughter and mother doing payment via debit card - online shopping, online websites, e-commerce
A retired woman and her grown-up daughter use a smartphone together - leisure time, mother-daughter bonding
A young girl in her twenties is watching an online video with her parents on a smartphone - leisure time
Mobile phone addiction, Abuse of technology - Mobile spoiling relationships, Old man scolding his daughter for excessive screen time, cellphone addiction, strict parent
Well-dressed Indian woman using her phone while holding a Puja thali with Diwali diyas - Diwali celebration
An attractive Indian couple wishing Happy Diwali on a video call - distant communication, warm greetings
An attractive female patient is chatting on her mobile in the hospital - sick woman admitted to the hospital
An old Indian lady browsing her smartphone - online chatting, social media, a modern lifestyle
An elderly woman and her husband doing online shopping on a laptop - e-commerce website, online fraud
An Indian mother and her daughter watching an online video on Republic Day
A pretty female with long black hair browsing her mobile at night - tired and exhausted, insomnia, busy lifestyle, North East Indian
A modern Indian housewife is putting her card details while doing online shopping - e-commerce website, North East Indian girl
A happy mother-daughter duo is watching an online video together on a laptop - binge-watch, late-night movie, entertainment time
An Indian housewife and her sweet daughter watching an online video on a mobile - fun and entertainment, screen addition, kids' habit
An adorable girl and her mom doing online shopping - using a debit card, e-commerce, online purchase
A cheerful housewife and her little daughter watching a funny online video on a tablet - screen addition, night time routine, sleep time
A middle-aged Indian husband-wife and young kids - Happy Indian family, video call, online communication
An affectionate Indian mother and her little daughter talking - covered in light blanket, monsoon season, warm clothing
An aged married Indian couple making online payments - debit card, credit card, convenient banking, cashless transactions
An old Indian lady doing online shopping - using a debit card, credit card, e-commerce website, online shopping
Portrait of a teenage boy making notes and taking online classes - distant education, remote education, ed tech
A middle-aged office employee discussing a business project online - virtual meeting, distant communication
A teenage girl attending an online interview - video call, remote work, distant education
An aged sick Indian lady is consulting her doctor on a video call - distant communication
An old lady watching an online video/movie late at night - fun and entertainment, leisure time