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Hot and spicy instant noodles kept in a ceramic bowl on a wooden surface
Pure water in a transparent glass making bubbles - a thirst quencher
Well-organized modern technology workplace with laptop and a small plant pot
Plenty of white chickpeas / Kabuli Chana being scattered all over - healthy food
Boiled chickpeas salad with chopped onions and tomatoes on a white table
A pile of white cream filled crunchy wafer biscuit snack crackers rotating slowly
Assorted delicacies decorated together with some fresh fruits in the background
Delicious chocolate sponge cake filled with creamy layers rotating on a turntable
Selective focus shot of a delicious slice of pastry with creamy wafer tubes and a spoon
Camera focus on a slice of creamy sponge cake decorated with fresh fruits
Zoom in shot of a transparent glass filled with healthy orange juice and ice
Freshwater being sprinkled on nutritious juicy Mandarin oranges in a basket
Portrait of a young athlete standing against a dark background - fitness activity
A thermometer is being kept with other medical items - COVID-19 protection medication
A syringe filled with liquid medicine falling out - healthcare and medicine concept
Orange colored tablet dissolving in a clean glass of water - healthcare concept
Medicinal and healthcare concept - an orange pill dropping in a glass of water
Pills falling on a sack of pills kept on a table - medical and healthcare concept
Slow-motion shot of orange-colored pills falling out of a yellow medicine bottle
Raw Masoor and yellow Mung / Moong Dal falling on a table with cooked Dal Tadka
Variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food served on the dining table
Puja thali/plate with a tiny decorative wax lamp lighted for worship during Diwali
Hindu puja thali and copper Kalash with mango leaves and coconut for worship
Colorful Diwali gift and different firecrackers - Hindu festival celebration
Decorative flower-shaped wax Diya with a bright flame lit during the Diwali festival
A lot of beautiful flowers and other home decors in the market on Indian festivals
Tilt shot of a beautiful festive market of traditional handicrafts in Delhi/NCR, India
Pan shot of colorful clay lamps in an Indian Diwali market in Delhi/NCR, India