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Worker marking on a piece of wood with calipers compass
Tarkashi - Top view of a craftsman hammering brass wire into the wooden box
Tarkashi - Man measuring the wood before cutting
Tarkashi - A craftsman is binding the wooden pieces together with the rubber band
Tarkashi - A craftsman joining the ends of the wooden box with glue
Tarkashi - Shot of a man hammering brass beads into the carved piece of wood
Tarkashi - Man hammering brass wire into the carved wood
Tarkashi - Closeup shot of a worker working on a piece of wood with calipers compass
Tarkashi - Craftsman drawing designs with the compass on the wooden piece
Tarkashi - Worker drawing straight line on wood with a marking gauge
A craftsman is assembling the wooden jewelry box with glue
Shot of beautiful handcrafted wooden stool with black background
Beautiful shiny wooden decoration piece kept with black background
Close up shot of egg cooking on hot pan
Pan shot of beautiful design of the wooden trunk
Five-year-old school going naughty kid with a young Indian mother - Mother surprise gift
Women chopping onion with a knife
Woman beating / whisking an egg with chopped tomatoes, chilies and onions in a bowl
Slow motion shot of black pepper being sprinkled on poached egg
Pouring egg with onions, tomatoes, and chilies on frying-pan
Chef flip over omelette with wooden turner
Pan shot of delicious fresh omelette prepared for breakfast at home
Pan shot of garlic cloves on a black background
Adorable kids blowing blow out whistle at each other at a birthday party - Indian kids having fun
Young mother and her cute daughter hugging each other on Christmas Eve
Pan shot of thread spools in a textile factory
Shot of an automatic machine manufacturing thread
Pan shot of thread spools in a textile factory