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Factory chimney smoking heavy smoke in the cloudy sky - air pollution concept
Indian cows looking for edible items at a roadside garbage dump - unhealthy food
A flock of birds flying around a tree in the blue cloudy sky - freedom concept
Closeup shot of Halwai cutting onions to prepare food for guests - Indian wedding
Hands of an Indian man chopping spinach to prepare food for a wedding party
Indian worker painting the exterior of the house with yellow paint - renovation concept
Pan shot of Hindu idol Ma Durga for Durga Puja festival of India
Bokeh shot of colorful gift boxes on the occasion of Diwali - the festival of India
Tilt shot of colorful firecrackers decorated in a gift box for Diwali celebrations - Hindu Festival in India
Talented little girl in casual wear playing with a hula hoop against the white background
The young girl happily showing her new heart-shaped toy isolated over white background
Young Indian kid dancing against the white background in a carnival mask
Beautiful Indian girl having fun with colored air balloons - kids leisure time
Cute little kid playing doctor's role while wearing a stethoscope - role-playing concept
Closeup shot of aromatic black pepper grains falling on a wooden table
A pile of organic black pepper in a rotating glass bowl - selective focus on a white surface
Tilt shot of a pile of different raw vegetables on a kitchen mat - Fresh veggies
Top view shot of different organic vegetables for eating healthy and dieting
Closeup shot of colorful vegetables in a bowl isolated against the black background
Fresh yellow, red, and green capsicums rotating on a turntable - black background
Beautiful shot of a colorful rangoli decorated with glowing oil lamps on Diwali/Dipavali
Bokeh shot of burning Diyas radiating light in the dark on Diwali - the festival of lights
Bokeh shot of a colorful rangoli decorated with flower garlands on the festival - Diwali/Dipavali
Tilt shot of beautiful burning Diyas decorated on a colorful rangoli on Diwali - the festival of lights
Bokeh shot of a beautiful rangoli with colorful gift boxes on the occasion of Diwali
High angle shot of a colorful rangoli decorated with flowers, Diyas and Diwali gifts - Diwali festival
Top view of a beautiful burning Diya decorated with marigold garlands - Diwali decorations
Top view shot of a designer silver thali/plate of dry fruits on Diwali - the festival of India