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Shot of buffalos tied up in a rural house shed in an Indian village
Closeup shot of a cow eating hay / straw in an Indian village house
Beautiful Indian housewife / woman wearing earrings / jhumka for a festive function
Diwali festival - Mid-aged couple talking to each other while women arrange the flowers for diwali
A pan shot a full fledged exciting mela during festival season in India
Noodles being cooked on electric stove in hot water
Seekh kebab and panner tikka being cooked over a furnace on a high flame
Slow motion of a girl cutting off a piece of an apple
A girl hand pounding cloves in a stone mortar
Beautifully decorated ferris wheel in a park during dussehra
A man selling kulfi on his stall to his customers on old delhi market
Dog grabbing a cookie from the table, cocker spaniel
Dog sitting and relaxing on the floor, Cocker Spaniel
Boiling water is poured into a glass mug with a tea bag
A beautician working on girl's hair with curling machine
A man preparing and adding spices to raaita/raayta
Pretty Indian girl painting on a canvas with a brush
Diwlai Puja - Flower showering to Indian God Ganesha and Lakshmi idol / murti
Shot of a boy with thick beard applying and cleaning his face with face wash / soap
Woman / female arranging bangles for her wedding celebration - Festive Environment
Girl making a beautiful embroidery design on a cloth piece
Woman transferring raw mango achar/pickle in a white ceramic pot
Shot of an Indian boy / man getting a facial massage at a salon
Shot of a girl / women getting a professional pedicure at the salon
Closeup shot of a woman getting pedicure in a nail salon
Closeup shot of Indian woman enjoying her morning coffee at home
Shot of a cute Indian girl struggling to get her gift / present
Rising bubbles in a glass of champagne or beer