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Shot of an automatic machine carrying packed thread spool
Shot of young girl playing electric piano in the music room
Shot of a dhoop batti / incense stick burning with smoke
Shot of a man making face of Durga idol with clay mud in his workshop
Shot of a woman transferring pieces of raw mango into a transparent bowl
Shot of kalonji / fennel flower being added into the raw mango
Shot of ready mango pickles / achar kept on the table
Young boy / man dancing while washing his his face in the bathroom
Close-up shot of a barber cutting hair by scissors at the barbershop
Shot of a barber trimming beard with scissors in a salon
Pan shot of female scrolling her smartphone with the green screen
A teenager doing chest exercise on a machine at a home gym to stay fit
Close shot of a farmer planting paddy sapling in the rice field
Two farmers planting rice / paddy sapling in the mud during rainy season
A girl performing "Ardha Kapotasana" move in a park while exercising yoga
A girl performing "Paschimottanasana" move in a park while exercising yoga
A girl performing "up dog" yoga move in a beautiful park
A man spreading jam over a brown bread base
Slow motion of an amateur chef cutting apple into thin slices
Close up shot of a printer printing out papers
A man worshiping goddess durga with a pure holy flame in his hands - Navratri
Time lapse shot of dosa preparation at the street side food stall
Fast motion shot of a giant wheel rotating in an amusement park
An Indian traditional mantle piece hanging in an open shop in a village fair
A tense candidate wipes his face while waiting for his turn for the interview
Indian call center employee / operator smiles at the camera
Shot of a red chili powder being sprinkled on the raw mangoes
Shot of an Indian girl combing her hair and smiling