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Indian Stock Video Footage At Knot9

A young man and his wife watching a movie online - Young couple spending quality time
A pretty wife helping her young husband to enter the debit/credit card details - Couple doing online shopping
A beautiful housewife and her husband - Busy parents
Cheerful Indian mother and her little infant watching an online video / cartoon on mobile phone
A loving father and his little daughter watching an online video on a laptop
A handsome businessman working from home on his laptop during the pandemic
A young man and his wife playing with their young kid - Living room, nuclear family in India
Young Indian mother taking care of her baby - Small family, loving mother
The small nuclear family in India - Husband, wife, and daughter. Monthly budgeting
A young Indian housewife spending time with her cute baby girl and her husband
A beautiful Indian mother with her husband and cute little baby
Happy husband-wife spending quality time with each other in the living room
A cute baby child in a casual dress crying while sitting on her father's lap
A cheerful mother cuddling with her beautiful baby girl - Happy nuclear family in India
An elder sister and her adorable brother sleeping together at night - family bonding, night time
A pretty sister and her adorable brother watching an exciting movie together
Brother and sister using a tablet and smartphone at home - Technology burden for kids
Happy brother and sister waving their hands while talking on a video call
A young Indian girl greeting with a hello gesture while talking on an online call
Portrait of a teenage girl eating a banana - Healthy vegetarian food
A sweet little child with curly black hair holding a banana - nutritious meal
A beautiful girl with his young brother - Playing at home
An adorable kid holding a stethoscope in his hand listening to the heartbeat - Sibling bonding
Happy siblings using a tablet / smartphone together at home - bonding and relationship
Happy siblings playing with blocks and airplane together in their leisure time - Brother sister bonding
A loving affectionate mother offering a glass of milk to her little son in the morning
Portrait of a smiling little boy with black hair playing with a magnifying glass
A little boy with curly black hair taking online classes during the COVID - 19 pandemic