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Young college couple using a green mock-up screen smartphone in landscape mode
Overhead shot of a young boyfriend girlfriend using a green screen mobile phone
Young college student in blue headphones smiling while looking at the camera
Senior Indian couple happily enjoying their Sunday weekend together - leisure time
Indian teenager salutes at the Indian national flag - Republic/Independence Day
Indian teenagers celebrating Republic/Independence day in traditional clothing
Happy young teenagers saluting Indian national flag - Independence/Republic Day
Cute Indian kid stood next to a grassy wheat field smiling in a Kurta Pajama
Cute Indian boy giving a toothy smile looking at the camera with a book in his hand
Young college boy reading a book and looking at the camera with a smiling face
Happy college friends smiling and showing thumbs up sign looking at the camera
Happy Indian friends having fun together in their college life during leisure time
Beautiful Indian girl playing guitar while sitting with her friends after class
Young musician playing guitar and singing songs for his college friends - leisure time
Young college students happily enjoying and hanging out together after class
Two young girls studying and working on a laptop together in their college park
Two young boys studying and working on a laptop together in their college park
Young college students working hard for their final semester exams - education concept
College scene of Indian teenagers sitting together and smiling looking at the camera
Hardworking college girl studying for a class test during lunchtime in the campus
Cute Indian student smiling and showing a thumbs up while working on her laptop
Young college students preparing for their semester exams - education concept
A young college student is very sad and depressed after failing the examination
Young college couple having fun while sitting together in the campus - leisure time
Unhappy Indian guy is very disappointed by his exam results - education failure
Young happy graduates throwing their graduation hats in the air - celebration time
Young graduated girl holding her graduation degree in pride - convocation ceremony
Attractive Indian graduate posing towards the camera with a big smile on her face